Iain Glen Portrait Sitting

IIain Glenn Actorain Glen is a Scottish film, television, and stage actor. Iain is best known for his roles in the Resident Evil films and for portraying Ser Jorah Mormont in Game of Thrones. Writing to Iain a few months ago to arrange a Portrait sitting for my ‘Northerners‘ Exhibition. Iain accepted my invitation, and the session took place in London last month. Iain arrived on his Cycle at London Portrait Studio, Cycling being Iain’s favorite pass time. After a chat about Iain’s recent projects, I explained the style of images I wanted to achieve. “I like to learn about each person I photograph, so I do my homework, this helps to start a conversation and put the sitter at ease.


Iain admired my recent Portrait Sitting with Sir Patrick Stewart and wanted his images to be lit in the same style. After setting up my equipment, we went to work, creating striking Frames, Iain took over posing without direction towards the end of the session, and we managed to capture a selection of spontaneous images which really stand out.

Natasha Actress Showreel

I have been Photographing Actors Headshots for over 10 years and in 2015, I am pleased to offer a new service in Liverpool & London, Actors Showreels. An actor’s showreel is a short piece of video or film footage showcasing an actor‘s previous work, usually four to six minutes in length. Actors who have a showreel are more likely to get work as it becomes much easier for them to promote themselves to acting agents and casting directors. Nowadays, every Actor needs a showreel in order to secure an agent or to add more to their Spotlight Page. I film with broadcast quality cameras and edit with industry standard software in HD quality, using direction and inventive scenarios to show your Acting Ability.


Actress Natasha Rebuck Booked me for an Actors Headshots session a few weeks ago, and upon learning about my new Actors Showreels Service arranged a Session at the Liverpool Studio. Natasha selected my Two Scene Package, performing a poem, and a piece from Shakespeare.

Keith Faulkner Actors Headshots

Veteran Stage Actor Keith Faulkner Booked an Actors Headshots Session at the Liverpool Studio this week. Keith was in need of an update for his Spotlight page.


Rory Lewis Photographer Actors Headshots“Excellent professional, easy going, brilliant experience. I booked with Rory at his Liverpool studio, which is very close to Lime Street Station, so easy to get to. All contact between us was prompt and clear and all business was complete before the photo session. Ive been photographed professionally for 16 years in London, Edinburgh and manchester and these are the best I’ve had. As well as advice and direction from Rory,he was happy to take my lead on different shots and let me feed into the session my experience of what I required. Very happy and will be booking future sessions to update regularly my cv photo and with different looks etc. Thanks Rory. Good bloke.” Keith Faulker Source Google Reviews

Rory Lewis Photographer Actors Headshots

General Sir Nicholas Houghton

General Sir Nicholas HoughtonGeneral Sir Nicholas Houghton is Chief of the Defence Staff of the British Armed Forces. At the beginning of this year, I wrote a letter to Ministry of Defence Head Quarters at Whitehall to invite General Houghton to Sit for a Northerners Photography Exhibition Portrait, the General being from Otley, Yorkshire. General Houghton’s Office replied to my invitation with his Acceptance and the Photoshoot took place in October. The General’s sitting was quite challenging, I have never photographed a high ranking military officer before let alone the highest ranking officer of the British Armed Forces.

On many occasions the General has been Photographed and Painted in his Ceremonial Dress Uniform and wanted to step away from the ceremonial image. General Houghton is regarded as “The Soldiers, Soldier” and Preferred to be Photographed in his Combat Uniform. Shot at at a slightly higher angle, I really wanted to Capture the General’s commanding presence, and with a combination of subtle lighting the images turned out really well.


With only a short time and shooting on Location at the MOD in London, I made use of my portable Studio Backdrops, Lastolite Popup Grey Backdrop and Calumet Earth Tone Muslin Backdrop. Both images where Photographed with the Hasselblad H3D-39100MM F2.2 & Profoto B1’s  Provided by Calumet Rental at Drummond St in London.

General Sir Nicholas Houghton Rory Lewis Photographer


Clatterbridge Cancer Clinic Corporate Headshots

Wirral private cancer care centre Clatterbridge Clinic, commissioned me to photograph their staff corporate headshots. It was wonderful to meet the team, who provide such critical care to people who are suffering from Cancer.

Wirral Corporate Headshots Rory Lewis Photographer

Wirral Corporate Headshots Rory Lewis Photographer

Wirral Corporate Headshots Rory Lewis Photographer


Julian Glover Actor Portrait Photoshoot

Julian Glover Actor Portrait  Rory Lewis PhotographerLast month I had the esteemed honour of Photographing Veteran Actor Julian Glover at the London Portrait Studio. Julian who Trained at RADA has had a rich illustrious Stage, Film and Television Career. Staring in Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back, Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, James Bond For Your Eyes Only and of course Game of Thrones to Name a Few. The Prospect of working with Experienced Actors is a real treat for a Portrait Photographer. With so much character and experience, I wanted to bring this through in the Final Images. To begin with we sat down to discuss the session I was interested to learn about Julian and his work. At present Julian is Staring in the Scottsboro Boys a Powerful West End Musical the Story of a Group of Nine Black Teenagers, brought together by fate in a case that sparked the American Civil Rights Movement. Julian has also played a great deal of Villains in his time and through our conversation I decided to create two looks; a Simple Plain Thoughtful Character Portrait, then turn it around and capture a Portrait of the Villain’s Julian has Played.

Julian Glover Actor Portrait  Rory Lewis Photographer


Fuji 56mm F1.2 Portraits

Fujifilm Fujinon XF 56mm F1.2 Fujinon Lens Portrait TestAt the Beginning of November Fuji, supplied me with a test model of their new XT1 and 56mm F1.2 Portrait Lens I have been itching to try the 56mm Lens and as a Professional Portrait Photographer I favour Fixed Prime Lenses for all my Sittings using the Hasselblad 100mm F2.2 Lens £3088.00 (Calumet Photographic) a great deal. However, the Fuji 56mm is an outstanding piece of glass comparable with its’ Medium Format and Full Frame Counterparts.


Julian Glover Actor Portrait XT1+56mm F1.2A user of the Fuji X System from the beginning, I originally invested in the X20 then later purchasing the XPro 1. Fuji just seems to be going from Strength to Strength with its X Series Lenses. The 56mm is a high quality short telephoto prime, it delivers equivalent coverage of 84mm, which is both flattering for portrait photography and also useful for capturing tighter views than a standard lens. Meanwhile the bright f1.2 focal ratio gathers twice as much light as a lens at f1.8, making it ideal in low light situations, while also delivering shallower depth of field effects, again perfect for portrait work or isolating any subject against a blurred background.


The chance came to put the Lens to test, with two Portraiture Sittings in London, featuring Game of Thrones, Stars Julian Glover above and Iain Glen Below. Both where taken in a Studio using the XT1, 56mm F1.2 and Pro Foto B1’s. As you can see the quality of the 56mm is comparable with its Full Frame and Medium Format Counterparts. The Lens is extremely sharp even at Low Apertures and delivers high quality images. Fuji’s X Series Camera’s and Lenses are well worth a look at even if you are considering a Professional Portrait Camera.

Iain Glen (born 24 June 1961) is a Scottish film, television, and stage actor.[1] Glen is best known for his roles in the Resident Evil films and for portraying Ser Jorah Mormont on Game of Thrones. (Rory Lewis)



Tino’s Actors Headshots

London Actors Headshots Photographer Rory LewisActor Tino, booked a session at my Liverpool Studio this week. Tino is about to apply for a place at the New York Film Academy. Working with Aspiring Actors and new Talent is  an exciting prospect. This was Tino’s first sitting, and Tino like many young actors was unsure on how to pose for his headshot session. Over the years I have developed my own unique style of working with Actors. Ensuring Sessions are relaxed and enjoyable; using ‘inventive scenarios‘ and direction, to create natural approachable headshots. I always like to start with a few test shots which we can view on the computer so that any necessary changes can be made. We then work in the studio for a time, this gives you a chance to get a feel of how I work and I can find out what works best for you. clothing and hair styles can be changed whenever needed. (A Makeup Artist can be provided if Needed). From time to time I will show you photos so you have a clear idea of what is going on.

London Actors Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis


DSCF6138bwAfter another coffee break I take more studio shots using a different background. Throughout the shoot we will aim to get as many looks as we can, with clothes, different hair styles, angles and emotions. The session will last around Two Hours and in that time I will take about 500 photos, which will be cut down to around 200/220. I shoot in colour and convert into black and white so if you require any colour shots this is not a problem. You will receive your contact sheets on-line via this website within 24 hours. Once you have chosen your two photos I will re-touch and crop them for you and changes can be made before you receive your final photos. With regards to airbrushing, I feel this is a very important area as too much can spoil a photo, this is why I spend a great deal of time working on your photos and like to include you in this process via email or your private page so please make sure you pick the right photos. You will receive all final photos by via your private page.


Tino Booked My Package One Session in Liverpool, I have TWO Comprehensive Packages Available. I run sessions every month in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, and London. To Arrange Your Session, please checkout my Actors Headshots Page.



Northerners Exhibition London Open Evening 28/11/14

Portrait Photography Workshops/Courses Rory Lewis PhotographerRory Lewis Northerners Portrait Photography Exhibition Opened in London at Calumet Photographic Drummond Street Today. Starting at 10am with a Portrait Masterclass teaching Delegates the Lighting and Direction Techniques, used to Capture Rory’s Thought Provoking Celebrity Portraiture. Jordan Ebbitt Modelled for the Session. The Delegates worked through a full programme of lighting setups, from the fundamental Broad, Split, Short and Rembrandt lighting to Directional Techniques and the Psychology of Portrait Photography. Rory will be holding a full programme of Portraiture Workshops Throughout 2015.


Rory’s Exhibition then Opened at 6pm, with a Reception and Talk about the Project, featuring Portraits of Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, David Warner and many other Stars of Stage and Screen. “It was wonderful to meet members of the public, gage-ing their opinions and Feedback of the Project” Northerners is now Open to the Public at Calumet Photographic Drummond Street London (please check store for gallery opening times) until 2nd January 2015. The Exhibition is Held in Aid of UNICEF.

David Warner, Northerners Photography Exhibition Celebrity Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

David Warner, Northerners Photography Exhibition Celebrity Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis


Exhibition Sponsors

Holbein’s Inspiration: His Place in Portraiture

Subliminally, without really knowing, we’re all exposed to art – as well as impressions – that shape our unconscious and our ability to think, perceive and feel. As we move through life, art that was once a staple of our history books takes on a greater meaning, and perhaps this is none more true than for Renaissance Art and our assimilation with it as being what portraiture with power is about. The essence of the best portrait photography is mirrored in these Renaissance pieces. For me this is especially true of the Tudor Portrait Artist Hans Holbein ‘the Younger’.

(Left) Holbein's Portrait Portrait of the Merchant Georg Gisze 1532 (Right) Rory Lewis Portrait Lord Mayor of Liverpool Erica Kemp 2014

(Above) Holbein’s Portrait Portrait of the Merchant Georg Gisze 1532 (Right) Rory Lewis Portrait Lord Mayor of Liverpool Erica Kemp 2014 (London Portrait Photographer)

In the works of Holbein lies the heart of my portraiture inspiration. I loved history as a child, its permanence and transience all at once, reflected through the eyes of cultural and societal change, how it has been documented and therefore how it is recalled. I was fortunate to live near to Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery, a treasure trove of pieces that began to unconsciously inspire and challenge me. The Gallery exhibits several of Holbein’s Works, which reflect not only the Renaissance period but exude a timeless quality as records of history.


With Holbein we gaze upon solemn yet intensely powerful expression. His subjects are painted as though frozen in that moment in time, the essence of their being, authority and personality captured forever from that one moment. Holbein took his interpretation of his sitters seriously, knowing they were the testaments of time, and this has inspired me to adapt a similar style for my own Photographic Portraiture.

(Left Holbein's Portrait of Sir Richard Southwell 1536 (Right) Rory Lewis Portrait Lord Mayor Liverpool Gary Millar 2013

(Above Holbein’s Portrait of Sir Richard Southwell 1536 (Right) Rory Lewis Portrait Lord Mayor Liverpool Gary Millar 2013 (London Portrait Photographer )

My work calls me to photograph many high-profile corporate individuals and political figures, and over time I am continually drawn to Holbein’s influence in my own interpretations of the subject of portraiture. I believe Holbein’s style and timeless authority easily sits alongside the modern portrait – I aim to imbue my viewers with the same thought provocation that he succeeded in creating.


(Left) Holbein's Portrait of Sir Thomas More, 1527 (Right) Rory Lewis Portrait Sir Patrick Stewart  2014

(Above) Holbein’s Portrait of Sir Thomas More, 1527 (Right) Rory Lewis Portrait Sir Patrick Stewart 2014 (London Portrait Photographer)

Detail, in the eye of an artist, is everything. As a viewer you don’t realise how the tiny intricacies of art combine to leave you with a bigger picture, a bigger sense. For Holbein, his portrait of Sir Thomas More illustrates this ability to focus on detail. There are the slightest imperfections that reflect in themselves perfect definition, making it appear almost like a photograph itself. There is no Renaissance ‘air-brushing’ away of imperfections, there is no place in portraiture for the Death of Real. What you see is a true likeness of the subject at that moment in time. Real is everything – it is the tiniest of imperfections that define a person as the character they are. This can be seen in my portrait of Sir Patrick Stewart where I encouraged and captured the true facial tones and imperfections, capturing the essence of the man, just as Holbein did with More.


Objectivity is crucial in portraiture: for Holbein and for me. The outward appearance of his subjects directly reflects the inner character, personality and mood without an over-layering or obscuring of this essential essence by the artist himself. I endeavour to follow this same style, bringing an integrity to the final portrait that allows the viewer to reflect on their own opinion and understanding of what they see.

Portrait of Sir Henry Guildford & Iain Duncan-Smith  (London Portrait Photographer)

(Above) Hans Holbein Portrait of Sir Henry Guildford (1527) & Iain Duncan-Smith Rory Lewis (2015) (London Portrait Photographer)

Having worked in fashion photography, I know and understand the drive to create perfection that renders an image false. In portraiture, Holbein teaches us, it is the imperfections that make perfection. Models are directed on what to be, how to act, how to represent emotion: for portraiture this is simply wrong. A true representation and a guiding and directing to the true inner person is what makes a portrait thought-provoking and an accurate historical record that exudes timeless quality.


The greatest collection of Holbein’s work is on display at the National Portrait Gallery in London. His works provide inspirations to historians, art-lovers and passers-by alike. His viewers are drawn to a naturally level-playing field that allows interpretation and true-understanding. It’s this timeless quality I seek to recreate and learn from.