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Child Actors Headshots Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, & LondonAs a leading photographer specialising in Child Actor Headshots, with options for shoots in Liverpool, London, Leeds and Manchester, you can be sure you are getting the best of the best when selecting Rory Lewis Photography for your child’s casting and theatrical headshots. Rory Lewis Photography has created Actors Headshots for the finest British acting talent, for stars as well as newcomers to both stage and screen. Shoots have included Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Derek Jacobi, David Warner, Emma Rigby, Iain Glover and Julian Glover to name but a few. Given Children’s Actor Headshots need to be even more up to date than adults (we recommend at least annually, preferably 6-monthly), and represent a significant investment in your child’s acting career, it’s good to know you’re choosing a photographer with an industry-leading reputation.

Actors Headshots for Children, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, London, Photographer, North Yorkshire, North West,

Actors Headshots for Children Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, London Rory Lewis Photographer

Actors Headshots for Children Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, London Rory Lewis Photographer

Why Rory Lewis Photography Child Actor Shoots are different:


Child Actors Headshots Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, & LondonYou child is unique and that needs to be captured in their casting shots. However, importantly, these aren’t family photo album snaps, but professional images perfectly directed and honed to sell, to make your child stand out from the crowd and be invited for audition. They are your ticket to get through the door. A good headshot will, at its most basic, demonstrate your investment in, and your understanding of, your child’s career, and an understanding that first impressions count. Capturing the essence of not only your child’s character, but also the character they are capable of playing, requires a photographer who can demonstrate versatility. Your child’s headshot needs to stand-out. My Child Actor Photography Sessions are unique in that I believe the rapport I facilitate with the child and nature of the shoot will ultimately be reflected in the finished product. Therefore I focus on making you and your child feel completely at ease. I am naturally patient and I believe this is imperative when working with children.


Child Actors Headshots Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, & LondonTherefore, my first priority is time, and lots of it. I will ensure your child is being photographed at their best. I use gentle direction to ensure we get the shots that are needed without your child even knowing they are working. I focus on the attention to detail so that you don’t have to. We will start with a few test shots which we can review on the computer so we can make adjustments as we go. We work in the studio for a time, effectively ‘playing around’ as far as the child is concerned, whilst I ensure the important boxes are ticked such as ensuring lighting reflects film and TV expectations. Hair and clothing can be changed around as needed (A fully-qualified Make-Up Artist is available on request). We’ll keep having the odd look at the computer to ensure everything is on track for your expectations.


We then also, weather permitting, head outside for some additional shots and an opportunity for little legs to be stretched if nothing else. Once back in the studio we can then review these shots to check we’ve caught the look you’re after.


All in all, the session will last approximately 2 hours (unless you have selected the 1 hour package), but it isn’t hard arduous work, instead it is both relaxed and productive. In that time I will take approximately 500 photos which are then cut down according to your chosen package.


What happens at the end of my Children’s Actor Photoshoot?


All Child Headshots are shot in colour and converted to black and white. Therefore you can select exactly the image you need for a certain casting opportunity. All available photos are then available to you, online, within 24 hours. Dependent on your chosen package you can then select the photos you would like for re-touching. This is a brilliant opportunity to get agents and interested family and friends to give their opinion on the shots they like best.


Re-touching is then a vital part of the process: balancing the desire to airbrush out imperfections whilst ensuring the image is true to reality. I aim to be sympathetic to your and your child’s needs without being unrealistic – remember, these shots need to be Casting Agency Standard, not family album snaps. Throughout this stage we will be in regular communication to ensure you are happy with your finished photos.


If you’d like to discuss a potential shoot, or have any questions, or would like to book, please email:, I’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and take you through your options.


Headshot Photography Packages

Package 01 £119.00

(Available in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and London)



Online Gallery of all 80 IMAGES


Package 02 £144.00

(Available in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and London)


Online Gallery of 200 images


Package 03 £184.00

(Available in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and London)


Online Gallery of 200 images


Optional Makeup & Hair Artist £75.00

Click Here for Adult Packages

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