Alex & Rachel Child Actors Headshots

You child is unique and that needs to be captured in their casting shots. However, importantly, these aren’t family photo album snaps, but professional images perfectly directed and honed to promote, to make your child stand out from the crowd and be invited for audition. They are your ticket to get through the door. A good headshot will, at its most basic, demonstrate your investment in, and your understanding of, your child’s career, and an understanding that first impressions count.


Last week Sisters Alex & Rachel  visited the Liverpool Studio for their Casting Headshots Session. Opting for package two and makeup artist, they where able to enjoy a relaxed headshots session.


I use gentle direction to ensure we get the shots that are needed without your child even knowing they are working. I focus on the attention to detail so that you don’t have to. We will start with a few test shots which we can review on the computer so we can make adjustments as we go. We work in the studio for a time, effectively ‘playing around’ as far as the child is concerned, whilst I ensure the important boxes are ticked such as ensuring lighting reflects film and TV expectations.


Child Actors Headshots Packages Click Here

HyperFocal: 0 (Rory Lewis)

HyperFocal: 0 (Rory Lewis)

HyperFocal: 0 (Rory Lewis)

HyperFocal: 0 (Rory Lewis)

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