Andy Price Actors Headshots Leeds

Leeds based Actor Andy Price booked his Actors Headshots Session at the Central Leeds Studio last week. A stage Actor Andy needed to update his portfolio of headshots. Actors Headshots are very complex to capture; as an Actor you have to be able demonstrate your Acting ability on camera.


Not a simple feat as stills photography is an unnatural concept for actors; who are used to moving on stage. However, as a photographer I enable my subjects to move capturing them in motion; allowing them to in essence ACT on camera. Performing soliloquies, assuming characters from hero’s to villains. With over 10 years experience working with the worlds most talented thespians. I have the skills both in direction and lighting to make your actors headshots stand out from the rest.


If you are in need of Actors Headshots please take a look at my packages. I’m available UK Wide and also in Los Angeles (USA) Several times per year.

 (Rory Lewis) (Rory Lewis)



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