Anna’s Portrait

In my last post I mentioned the Hasselblad H3D which I hired for the assignment. Just before the end of the shoot I captured some portraits of Anna to update her portfolio.  I wrote a review of the cameras portrait capabilities for my blog, so here goes.


The H3D 31 is a fine tool for taking quality portraits, it is clear why it costs £24,995 – it’s a low-volume product with expensive research and development behind it, and it is carefully made with high quality, excellent materials. It is not intended to compete with Canon and Nikon. It’s meant to be a different category, and it isn’t nearly as convenient to use as those, even though it is as thoughtfully designed. Weight, speed, automation, and flexibility all took hits in service to support image quality. The images below where photographed in my studio with a Hasselblad H3D-31 with 80 mm lens.

The H3D 31

The closeup of Anna’s left eye really shows the detail the HD3 is capable of achieving, crisp, sharpness and perfect colour. I will definitely be hiring the HD3 for more projects in the future. A complete DSLR that is much more than the sum of its parts, the H3D is peerless in terms of its combined image quality and flexibility.

The H3D 31



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