Dominic Pace Actor Los Angeles Headshots

Actor Dominic Pace, has an incredible facial profile. Dominic booked a character actor’s headshots session at the Los Angeles Photography Studio in Burbank. Often casted as the villain or tough guy, Dominic opted for character shots, assuming various expressions to relay his casting profile.


Amazing job. Keeps the artist in motion so you stay loose. Highly recommended.

Dominic Pace Via Facebook Reviews



If your in need of a new Actors Headshots Session check out my Los Angeles Packages, I’ll also be offering a series of discounted sessions on Friday 27th October 2017.

Saturday 7th October 2017 Portrait Photography Masterclass Dublin (Ireland)

Portrait Photography Masterclass Dublin (Ireland) with Celebrity Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Rory Lewis Photography Workshops

Saturday, 7 October 2017 from 10:00 to 16:00 (IST)

Do I need to bring any Lighting equipment? No Just your Camera & Lens, 50MM, or 85MM Ideal for portraits


Will I get to work with the models? Yes, plenty of time to shoot, working with the models and equipment.

Is the course aimed at Beginners? Yes and Intermediate Photographers who have knowledge on how to use their camera in manual mode.


As Featured in


Rory Lewis Photographer has made an outstanding contribution to photography and the visual arts, creating consistently imaginative and thought-provoking portraits. Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart, Ian McShane, Sir Derek Jacobi, Natalie Dormer, and many others have sat for Rory and his unique portraiture style is becoming renown.

“You can learn more in one day than months of reading about photographic technique. ALL courses are practical tuition sessions giving you plenty of time to learn hands on the skills taught. Enabling you to work with professional models on the day and capture amazing photography for your portfolio.”


You will walk away from this course with the skill to develop and improve your portrait photography techniques. From Beginners to Intermediate Photographers, these sessions cater for the amateur and semi professional. Learn studio flash lighting, develop your understanding of studio technique and test using photographic models.


You will be shown the effect of soft boxes, umbrellas, snoots, and beauty dish how to use reflectors. How to use both soft and hard lighting to change the mood and effect of a portrait. Learn what a main lights function is; and how to use fill lights, back lights and hair lights and be shown how they affect the final image.

Course Schedule 

10:00am Rory Lewis Talk on the Medium of Portraiture

11.00 am High Key Portraiture (Using Umbrella’s, Softboxes)

12:30pm Lunch

13:00pm Beauty Portraiture (Butterfly Lighting, Using Beauty Dish)

14:00 Low Key Portraiture (Rembrant Lighting, Split & Short Lighting)

16:00pm Rory Lewis Will Sum up the Day



“In one word “Inspiring” “Rory was open to and encouraged all questions, which were answered in detail. Rory shared his extensive lighting knowledge in addition to how to bring out the character in a portrait subject in a fun. informal, enjoyable manner. Would recommend this course to any portrait photographer wanting to improve their craft.”

Dorothy Via

“Excellent photography workshop. We went through 8 different light set ups starting with a single light source and ending up with two light sources with the tightest control of the light. There was a lot to take in and was very happy with the photos I took. The breadth of the material covered was excellent. Very pleased to have attended. Thanks Rory!”

Adrian Via

Course Partners & Sponsors

  Rory Lewis Course Partners

Rory Lewis Portrait Selected for Portrait of Britain

Portrait of Britain is presented by British Journal of Photography. Photographer Rory Lewis portrait of Captain Anani-Isaac of The Royal Lancers. Captured for Soldiery (British Army Portraits), has been selected to appear in a Nationwide Exhibition. Shortlisted from 8000 entires, 100 Portraits of the exhibition will go live on Friday 1st September 2017. Portrait of Britain is being billed as the UK’s biggest exhibition of portraiture. Being exhibited across JCDecaux’s nationwide screens, appearing in public places throughout the UK. Limited Edition Prints are also on sale via the Portrait of Britain Website.


Simon Bainbridge, editorial director of the British Journal of Photography, said: “The portraits celebrate the unique heritage and diversity of modern Britain, as much as its thriving photography culture and the myriad styles and approaches they employ in their work. Yet, as much as our tribal allegiances are on show in many of the photographs, each image reminds us that, above all, we are a nation of individuals.”

Captain Anani-Isaac The Royal Lancers


Portrait of Britain is presented by British Journal of Photography. Photographer Rory Lewis portrait of Captain Anani-Isaac of The Royal Lancers. Captured for Soldiery (British Army Portraits), has been selected to appear in a Nationwide Exhibition.

The Times

Daily Mail

I News

Amateur Photographer Magazine

Sir John Major Portrait Sitting

Often commissioned by Corporate & Goverment Clients for Portrait Sittings. I’m no stranger to photographing headshots of prominent business, legal and political officials. Non of these sittings have been more unique than a photoshoot with Sir John Major, former Prime Minister of Great Britain.


I wrote to Sir John in 2016 to arrange the sitting and we decided to shoot in the Autumn of that year. However, Brexit came upon us and the sitting was postponed. Sir John, being a remain campaigner had to take time out. It wasn’t until July 2018, that the sitting could finally take place.


To prepare for my sitting, I began by studying Sir John’s portrait sitting with Yousuf Karsh, before watching his interviews and parliamentary debates on Youtube. I also read Sir John’s Autobiography to get a sense of his character and career as Prime Minister.


Preparation complete, my plan was to capture Sir John as the elder statesman, thoughtful and reflective. I found Major to be an extraordinary sitter. Speaking about his career, I was able to direct Sir John as he mediated on the past. One of my aims as a portraitist is to record the figures of our time, and this sitting certainly represents living history.

Sir John Major, KG, CH, PC Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer

Major became Prime Minister after Thatcher’s reluctant resignation in November 1990. He presided over UK participation in the Gulf War in March 1991, and negotiated the Maastricht Treaty in December 1991. He went on to lead the Conservatives to a fourth consecutive electoral victory, winning the most votes in British electoral history with over 14,000,000 votes in the 1992 general election, albeit with a reduced majority in the House of Commons. Shortly after this, even though a staunch supporter of the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM), his government became responsible for British exit from the ERM after Black Wednesday on 16 September 1992. This event led to a loss of confidence in Conservative economic policies and Major was never able to achieve a lead in opinion polls again.


Despite the eventual revival of economic growth amongst other successes such as the beginnings of the Northern Ireland peace process, by the mid-1990s, the Conservative Party was embroiled in scandals involving various MPs (including cabinet ministers). Criticism of Major’s leadership reached such a pitch that he chose to resign as party leader in June 1995, challenging his critics to either back him or challenge him; he was duly challenged by John Redwood but was easily re-elected. By this time, the Labour Party had abandoned its socialist ideology and moved to the centre under the leadership of Tony Blair and won a large number of by-elections, eventually depriving Major’s government of a parliamentary majority in December 1996. Major went on to lose the 1997 general election five months later, in one of the largest electoral defeats since the Great Reform Act of 1832.

Sir John Major, KG, CH, PC Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer

Sir John Major, KG, CH, PC Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer

Photographing Britain’s Cavalry

There are currently nine regular cavalry regiments of the British Army, of these two serve as armoured regiments, three as armoured cavalry regiments, three as light cavalry and one as a mounted ceremonial regiment. Soldiery has given me the opportunity to work with seven of these nine Regiments. Namely, The Household Cavalry, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, Queens Royal Hussars, Kings Royal Hussars, Royal Tank RegimentThe Royal Lancers (Queen Elizabeths’ Own) and The Light Dragoons.


They are probably the most famous of the mounted soldiers, symbolic due to their Buckingham Palace connections. The Household Cavalry now drive and operate both heavy and light tanks, and various other vehicles into battle. This is a Cavalry juxtaposing the old with the new; the ceremony with the duty.


When visiting Household Mechanised in Windsor, I was presented with the diversely mechanical contrast of the regiment. The Troopers I had seen parading in Knightsbridge, now have a duel role as both ceremonial soldiers and modern mechanised cavalry. Now I was photographing, reconnaissance light tank gunners and drivers, as well as armed troopers, and snipers.

Lieutenant Colonel James Gaselee LG Rory Lewis Photographer 2017 (Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer)

Photographing these troops required meeting them on home turf, which in their case is both Knightsbridge and Windsor. The portraits needed to reflect these distinctions as well as allowing for the notable differences of technique in photographing mounted soldiers. Focusing on The Lifeguards and the Blues and Royal, I captured the soldiers mounted in their distinguished uniform. Conducting these portraits, whilst also witnessing the Guard Mount with its 350-year-long ceremonial history, was sharply in contrast with photographing the mechanised troops of the regiment.

Lance Corporal of Horse Wrighton Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer)

They are the oldest and most senior regiments in the British Army split between two different units equipped to perform two quite different roles. The Household Cavalry Regiment (HCR) is an Armoured Cavalry regiment of the British Army based at Combermere Barracks in Windsor. It is the brother regiment of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR) based at Hyde Park Barracks in London – both regiments together form the Household Cavalry. The regiment presented me with a challenge, with the opportunity to capture both the Ceremonial Household Mounted Regiment, as well as the Armoured Cavalry Regiment. Both grooms of horses and armoured vehicles.

Being based in Hyde Park, must be a remarkable experience for a young soldier, given your own horse and stationed right the centre of Knightsbridge. Riding out into Hyde Park each day must be a remarkable experience. In contrast they then transfer to the modern, cavalry regimental Barracks in Windsor, employed for more modern military duties. My sitting with the Household Mounted Regiment in Hyde Park, gave me the opportunity to view the Guard Mount, those troopers charged with guarding the Queens Official Residence and the Horse Guards.

The Blues and Royals (Officer)  (Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer)

The Guard Mount occurs daily 365 days per year without fail. The Household Cavalry serve as the Queen’s official bodyguard. More than 350 Horses are occupants of the barracks, and it’s remarkable to see all the traditions of the regiment maintained. The uniforms of the Blues and Royals are remarkable to behold. When on duty soldiers wear the distinctive metal helmets, with a long plume of horses hair hanging on top, not seen on many other types of soldiers.


The Blues and Royals is the only regiment in the British Army to allow troopers and non-commissioned officers, when not wearing headdress, to salute an officer. The custom was started after the Battle of Warburg in 1760 by the Marquess of Granby, who commanded both the Royal Horse Guards and the Royal Dragoons. These were separate units at the time. During the battle, the Marquess had driven French forces from the field, losing both his hat and wig during the charge. When reporting to his commander, Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick, in the heat of the moment he is said to have saluted without wearing his headdress, having lost it earlier. When the Marquess of Granby became the Colonel of the Blues, the regiment adopted this tradition.

Sniper Household Cavalry (Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer)

When the Household Cavalry mounts an escort to the Sovereign on State occasions, a ceremonial axe with a spike is carried by a Farrier Corporal of Horse, which I managed to capture. The historical reason behind this is when a horse was wounded or injured so seriously it could not be treated, its suffering was ended by killing it with the spike. The axe is also a reminder of the days when the Sovereign’s escorts accompanied royal coaches when English roads were very bad. Horses often fell, becoming entangled in their harnesses and having to be freed with the cut of an axe. It’s also said in those times, if a horse had to be killed its rider had to bring back a hoof, cut off with the axe. This proved to the Quartermaster the animal was dead and hence preventing fraudulent replacement. Today, the axe remains as a symbol of the Farrier’s duties.

Corporal of Horse Mulholland Household Cavalry Mechanised Regiment (Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer)

From The Household Cavalry I moved onto The Royal Lancers, to focus on wonderful ceremonial dress, and an experience to relish. Lt. General Everard, himself of the Royal Lancers, had conveyed the Regiment’s History. There was also a personal connection, with my Brother-in-Law having served in the Regiment. The Regiment was formed following the amalgamation of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales’s) and The Queen’s Royal Lancers on the 2nd May 2015. The Regiment has close family ties as my Brother In Law served in the 9th/12th during the Gulf War. General Everard, who helped to organise the sittings was former colonel of the Queen’s Royal Lancers, and it seemed fitting these sittings would be of interested to both.

The regiment is indeed iconic, with the Skull and Crossbones of the Queens Royal Lancers on each cap badge. The Regiment’s motto is ‘Death or Glory’. The Royal Lancers history stretches back more than 300 years, including Dragoons, Hussars and finally Lancers. The regiment’s distinctive cap-badge features the crossed lances with pennons of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers, and the Death’s head of The Queen’s Royal Lancers.


The Death’s Head originates from the coat of arms of General Wolfe, in whose memory the 17th Light Dragoons were formed. One of Wolfe’s ablest commanders and close personal friend, was Colonel John Hale of the 47th Regiment of Foot. It fell to Col. Hale to bring back to the King, the mixed news of victory over the French paid for in part with the death of Wolfe.

In thanks to the role of Hale, the King granted him a commission to raise one of the five new regiments of Light Dragoons, being planned as part of preparations for the Seven Years War. With a rich and varied history, the modern Lancer regiments have fought in every major conflict of the last three centuries, and its soldiers are rightly proud of this heritage.


The Regiment has moved on from stables and horses, now being armoured cavalry soldiers instead. This armoured cavalry are now the frontline reconnaissance soldiers of the British Army. These soldiers are trained to operate in advance of lead combat units, specially prepared to deploy early in any combat. Their crucial role is to deliver up-to-date and accurate information and intelligence about the enemy, in order to shape and aid the relevant commander’s decision making process.

Rather pirate-like, but in far greater esteem, the Regimental badge of the Royal Lancers depicts a Skull and Crossbones, containing the words ‘OR GLORY’. This is a somewhat pertinent motto depicting the strength of character forming the tradition and history, making the British Army unique. Staggeringly, The Royal Lancers can in fact trace their lineage as far back as the Battle of the Boyne, American Independence, and the Napoleonic Wars.


From here to The Light Dragoons in Catterick where, once again, the horse of olden day Cavalry has been replaced by an armed vehicle – this time going by the name of Jackal. The Cavalry portraits still needed extending and broadening, so it was on to the Queen’s Royal Hussars in Paderborn, Germany, as well as the Royal Tank Regiment in Tidworth. Here, there was the opportunity to capture the powerful Challenger II Battle Tank, as well as the troopers who man this titan of a vehicle.


Sergeant Cawthorne (The Light Dragoons) Military Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

The Royal Tank Regiment is the oldest tank unit in the world, forged out of the adversity of the First World War. The regiment is equipped with Challenger 2 tanks and based at Tidworth. Soldiers of RTR wear a black beret and black overalls, a custom reserved to the Regiment unlike any other tank regiment in the British Army. A black beret was selected as it would not show oil stains. I felt quite at home as many of the soldiers of the Regiment appeared to be from Liverpool. In essence the regiment appeared to be half Liverpudlian and half Glaswegian. Two peoples of a similar sense of humour, the soldiers regiment seemed to get along swimmingly. Again I had the chance to photograph the Soldiers posing with the Powerful Challenger 2 Battle Tank, and create a series of remarkable portraits of all the regiments states of dress.

Tpr Millward Royal Tank Regiment  Military Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Captain Hall Royal Tank Regiment  Military Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Based in Tidworth, Wiltshire, The King’s Royal Hussars is a British armoured regiment with a long history and great cavalry traditions. The regiment currently serves in the armoured role, equipped with Challenger 2 tanks. The regiment wears the iconic crimson trousers when in ceremonial, No. 1 or No, 2 dress. As you notice from the portrait the soldiers wear the crossed kukri of the Gurkhas as an arm badge. This relates back to 1945 when C Squadron, 14th/20th King’s Hussars assaulted the town of Medicina in Italy alongside the 2nd Battalion, 6th Gurkha Rifles, inflicting heavy losses on the German defenders despite being outnumbered. In commemoration of this action the 14th/20th King’s Hussars adopted the crossed kukri badge, a tradition maintained by the regiment.

Officers of The Kings Royal Hussars Military Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

My inspiration of the portrait, came from a portrait by Emanuel Leutze, an American Portraitist. Who painted, Washington Crossing the Delaware. My subjects, the Commanding Officer Colonel Porter and the two-highest ranking NCO’s posed, as poised for battle. Carrying the regimental Guidon with pride, just as Washington is depicted profile, tall, and with the Star- Spangled Banner behind him.


My final Cavalry Regiment of the Soldiery Project and a trip to Scotland, Fife to be exact. Was to photograph the Troopers of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys) – or SCOTSDG – was formed in 1971 by an amalgamation between 3rd Carabiniers and The Royal Scots Greys. The Regiment has been deployed in numerous operations around the world in the forty- five years which have followed. Having served in Northern Ireland, the Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo, three tours in Iraq and three tours in Afghanistan, SCOTSDG is a cavalry Regiment with wide operational experience.

One of those troopers who sat for a portrait. Sergeant Keith Mitchell a recipient of The Military Cross. Risked his life to save wounded comrades in Afghanistan was commended for his “courage and selflessness” under re. He stood in open ground to draw enemy re away from his colleagues in an attack in Helmand in March of 2012. It was an honour to meet Sergeant Mitchell, who also gave me a tour of the Barracks and the incredible artefacts the regiment has acquired through their bravery.

Turn Pro Intensive 4 Day Photography Course (London UK & Los Angeles (CA) USA

Turn Pro Intensive 4 Day Photography Course (London UK & Los Angeles (CA) USA


(Los Angeles) CA (USA)

Thursday, 9 November 2017 at 10:00 Sunday, 12 November 2017 at 16:00 (PST) (Each Day will Start at 10:00am and Finish at 16:00pm)


(London) England (UK)

Thursday, 8 February 2018 at 10:00 | Sunday, 11 February 2018 at 16:00 (GMT) (Each Day will Start at 10:00am and Finish at 16:00pm)

Photo Professional Magazine Rory Lewis

Rory Lewis Photographer has made an outstanding contribution to photography and the visual arts, creating consistently imaginative and thought-provoking portraits. Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart, Ian McShane, Sir Derek Jacobi, Natalie Dormer, and many others have sat for Rory and his unique portraiture style is becoming renown.

Rory Lewis Photographer Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, Brian Cox CBE

Rory will be holding a ONE OFF WORKSHOP aimed at turning Amateur Photographers in to PRO’s with a FOUR DAY Programme of Seminars and Tuitions. Rory Lewis will lead the sessions. Featured Recently by the BBC, Rory Lewis is one of the UK & USA’s Rising Photography Stars, having photographed many of the worlds leading Actors in his Portrait Exhibitions. His work has been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London and Rory has a wide variety of clients ranging from The London & New York Times, to Pepsi.

This Intensive Course with a seasoned professional photographer offers the best possible way to improve your camera and lighting techniques, create more inspiring images, and to learn how to see and capture better pictures.


“You can learn more in these four days than in months of reading about photographic technique.”


Work with Professional Models Test using State of the Art Equipment

Professional Models will be Provided, to help hone the skills and techniques taught. This will give you the opportunity to build a professional portfolio under the guidance of an experienced photographer.


“ALL Courses are practical tuition sessions giving you plenty of time to learn hands on the skills taught. Illustrated PDF Booklets of all the Lighting Setups Shown will be provided for you to take away. Rory will also teach marketing and social networking techniques.”


Rory will review your work each day suggesting improvements and helping to improve your technique.

   BOOK EARLY BEFORE 1st October 2017, Save $100.00 USE PROMO CODE SAVE100 

(Los Angeles) CA (USA)

Thursday, 9th November 2017

Friday 10th November 2017

Saturday 11th November 2017

Sunday, 12th November 2017

(Each Day will Start at 10:00am and Finish at 16:00pm)

164 W Providencia Ave

Burbank, Los Angeles,

CA 91502 

   BOOK EARLY BEFORE 1st October 2017, Save £100.00 USE PROMO CODE SAVE100 

(London) England (UK)

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Friday 9th February 2018

Saturday 10th February 2018

Sunday, 11 February 2018

(Each Day will Start at 10:00am and Finish at 16:00pm)

Farringdon Studio
2 Bleeding Heart Yard
EC1N 8SJ London
United Kingdom

Four Day Programme

Day One Portraiture Photography & Lighting Day

(Models Provided Throughout the Day)

Stephen Graham Portrait Sitting Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer

You will be shown the effect of soft boxes, umbrellas, snoots, and beauty dish how to use reflectors. How to use both soft and hard lighting to change the mood and effect of a portrait. Learn what a main lights function is; and how to use fill lights, back lights and hair lights and be shown how they affect the final image. Direction will be central, you will learn how to for fill a brief and set the mood.

Day Two Editorial Location Photography & Lighting Day

(Models Provided Throughout the Day)

Location Portrait Lighting Photography Workshop

Photojournalists, corporate and event photographers, wedding photographers, and serious amateurs who want to improve their knowledge of Location lighting. The day begins with creating interesting lighting with One or Two Strobes progresses through using multiple Strobes with many different light modifiers. One of the key things that Rory will share in a “very hands-on way” is how to better control your on location lighting.

Day Three Art Nude Photography & Lighting Day Four

(Models Provided Throughout the Day)

Day Three will explore the lighting techniques of the great artistic nude photographers including Helmut Newton, Erwin Blumenfeld, Bill Brandt and Frantisek Drtikol. Working with a professional Art Nude Model with fabulous bone structure, figure and facial expression. This course is a MUST for all those enthusiastic Art Nude Photographers who want to capture some amazing shots for their portfolios.

Day Four How to Sell your Photography, Marketing, Finding Clients, Social Networking.

This intensive one-day workshop will cover all aspects of marketing for photographers. The workshop will give photographers the skills to tailor their marketing efforts to the real needs of their clients, giving them practical tools to enhance their self-promotion and raise their conversion rate.

From self-promoting tips and tricks, to the most recent self-marketing free tools, this workshop follows a “checklist” approach which photographers can easily integrate into their daily or weekly schedule and will help them to find a natural balance between self-marketing, networking and being creative.


Thursday 19th October 2017 Discounted Actors Headshot Sessions With Celebrity Photographer Rory Lewis


”In need of a new Headshot? British Photographer Rory Lewis will be holding a discounted Introductory Actors Headshot Session in London. Rory has created Actors Headshots for the finest Acting Talent. Stars of Stage and Screen from Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Derek Jacobi, David Warner, Natalie Dormer, Iain Glen, Julian Glover and the list goes on”

Natalie Dormer & Emma Rigby Rory Lewis Los Angeles Headshots Actress Actors Photographer

Actor Toby Jones Rory Lewis Headshots Actress Actors Photographer

“Rory has developed his own unique style of working with actors ensuring their photographic headshot experience is an enjoyable; relaxed session; to create the very best in Headshots.”

Harry Groener Los Angeles Actors Headshots (Rory Lewis Photographer)

Client Reviews

“Very Very Pleased ”

Written on: 08/03/2017 by J Derrington

I have had a few headshot sessions and photoshoots before and I hate having my picture taken. I was put immediately at ease and given slight directions to help change stance and also the thought process for each photo. The pictures themselves are of high quality (even before editing) and in terms of value for money, I would say that for photos of this quality and the quantity of images that you can get afterwards, is phenomenally good value. 

I can’t wait for 2 years down the line when I will need new ones. Thanks!

“A pleasure to work with”

Written on: 02/03/2017 by Joel Quinn Via

I contacted Rory for an Actors Headshot Session and I was not disappointed. Rory was extremely pleasant and welcoming . As for the session itself I couldn’t have felt more comfortable about my shots. He kept me visually updated throughout the shoot with how they were turning out so that we could adjust and tweak things to get the final shots I was looking for!

Sir Patrick Stewart Los Angeles Actors Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis

For some actors having their photo taken can be extremely nerve-racking experience after all stills photography is an unnatural concept for actors who as used to moving on stage and screen. For others it’s not such an ordeal. Make the Right Choice for Your Actors Headshots. Professional, Inventive, Expertly Directed, Relaxed Sessions. Rory Lewis Actors Headshots Photographer.


Introductory Package £119.00

Thursday 19th October 2017

Sessions will run from 10:00am-6.30pm

Farringdon Studio
2 Bleeding Heart Yard
EC1N 8SJ London
United Kingdom


30 Minute Session with Rory Lewis

150 Images Presented VIA Digital Gallery

2 Images Retouched

(Time Slots Available from 10am – 6.30pm)



I shoot in colour and convert into black and white you receive both colour and black and white copies of your retouched images. You will receive your contact sheets on-line via your own private web page within 24 hours.

Once you have chosen your two photos I will re-touch and crop them for you and changes can be made before you receive your final photos.

Steven Cole & Craig Charles Actors Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis

With regards to airbrushing, I feel this is a very important area as too much can spoil a photo, this is why I spend a great deal of time working on your photos and like to include you in this process via email or your private page so please make sure you pick the right photos.

You will receive all final photos by via your private page.


Can’t Make These Sessions Don’t Worry Check Out My Packages Here Available in London All Year Round.

Fine Art Nude Workshops Los Angeles, (CA) & London, (England)

Fine Art Nude Photography Workshops

I’ve always been drawn to fine art nude photography as an opportunity to create art for the sake of art. No clients, no deadlines, no restrictions — just the human form as my canvas. While nude photography can be whatever you want it to be, when I teach workshops I coach my students to focus specifically on the fine art nude with an emphasis on light, shape, form, storytelling, and mood.

When you look at my work, I never want you to see a ‘naked photo’. Instead, I want you to see a creative exploration of photography with the nude form as part of the visual language and creative canvas. When you look at my work, you shouldn’t be looking at ‘body parts’ but instead perhaps the way the light wraps around shape of nude subject. I try to pass these same sensibilities onto the students of my workshops both in my instruction and the inspirational references I direct them to study whether classical paintings, art photographers, or fashion photographers.


Current Upcoming Workshops


Working with a Professional Art Nude Models with fabulous bone structure, figure and facial expression. Rory Lewis Art Nude Courses are a MUST for all those enthusiastic Art Nude Photographers who want to capture some amazing shots for their portfolios. Tuition is a hands on classroom as you work with the model throughout the day learning new skills and techniques. You will walk away from this course with the skill to develop and improve your photography techniques, learn studio flash lighting, develop your understanding of studio technique and test this using a professional model.” You will be shown the effect of soft boxes, umbrellas, snoots, beauty dishes and how to use reflectors. How to use both soft and hard lighting to change the mood and effect of a portrait. Learn the function of the main light; and how to use fill lights, back lights and hair lights to affect the final image.

Los Angeles, CA

164 W Providencia Ave

Burbank, Los Angeles,

CA 91502

London, United Kingdom | Calumet Photographic and Rental
Saturday, 21 October 2017 from 10:00 to 17:00 (BST)

(Los Angeles CA) Glendale Photography Studio| 820 Thompson Ave
Sunday, 29 October 2017 from 10:00 to 17:00 (PDT)

Every year I teach fine art nude photography workshops both at my studio in London (England) and in Los Angeles (CA). These portfolio intensive nude workshops are limited to 12 delegates. I have several goals that I want to achieve with my students. First, I aim to educate. I want to help photographers understand how to manipulate the form to create the shapes they desire, and therefore gain a deeper understanding of posing. I want them to see (and experience) how the placement of light and choice of modifier change the appearance of the body, curves and musculature. I want to demonstrate the role of highlight and shadow in both sculpting and differentiating the form, and how his interplay of light and shadow becomes fundamental to fine art nude photography.


Next, I am to reduce (or eliminate) fears. At times people are uncomfortable with photographing nudes because of societal taboos that have been imposed. During my workshop I help my students to become comfortable with planning shoots, the etiquette of approaching and directing their subjects and more. It is extremely important for a photographer to be professional and confident with their subjects in order to create the type of imagery that is the goal of my workshops.


Finally (and probably just as importantly), I aim to inspire. Nude photography always pushes me to explore my creativity — I explore new lighting techniques, I make a mess with paint, I try more dramatic poses, I create unusual set or place my subjects in unexpected scenes. The nude is my creative canvas, and I often find that the creative explorations I experiment with in nude photography often creep back into my own portrait photography work.


Unfortunately for a variety of reasons (many unfounded or based on societies unnecessarily skewed perceptions of the nude form) I cannot share many of my fine art nude work on social media without destroying the integrity of the images by photoshopping out a nipple or adding censorship. Honestly, I think there is a clear different between ‘sexy boob’ and ‘art boob’, but of course that is an entirely different discussion.

Although I do not treat my workshops as shooting time for myself, I often take a few frames of the subjects in order to allow my students see me direct the models and also to allow me to provide a few frames of images to my models as an extra thank you for their hard work!


In one workshop we focused a lot on studio lighting for fine art nudes, and how to use the mood of the light to fit the theme of the nude or to tell the greater story. We also used studio lighting to create dramatic images that really focused on the nude form instead of a ‘naked subject’.

Field Marshal The Lord Guthrie Portrait Sitting

Soldiery as a project, has given me the opportunity to indulge my historical ambitions. One of these creative urges has been to photograph a British Field Marshal.


Field Marshal is the most senior rank of the British Army. Higher than all the Generals I’ve captured thus far. Considered a five star rank in today’s modern militaries. In the British Army, Field Marshal has been the most senior rank since 1736.


Since the end of Empire, the rank has become somewhat redundant, this is due to the reduction in the size of Britain’s Armed Forces. The rank is now ceremonial, a gift of recognition from the sovereign to senior military figures, and bestowed on members of the Royal Family.


I wrote to several Field Marshal’s and to my delight a reply, Field Marshal The Lord Guthrie accepted my invitation to sit for a Portrait in London.


Field Marshal Guthrie, Baron Guthrie of CraigiebankGCBLVOOBEDL was Chief of the General Staff, the professional head of the British Army, from 1994 to 1997 and Chief of the Defence Staff from 1997 until his retirement in 2001.

Field Marshal The Lord Guthrie Portrait Sitting, London Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Guthrie’s military career saw service with the Welsh Guards and the Special Air Service; he was closely involved in military operations in Northern Ireland and provided advice to the British Government during the Bosnian War and the Kosovo War.


In 2012 Lord Guthrie was handed his Field Marshal’s Baton, in recognition of his remarkable leadership and service by Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II . You can view a Pathe News Clip of another Field Marshal Jan Smuts being handed his Baton back in 1941.

(Below Field Marshals Baton Presented to Field Marshal Jan Smuts OM, CH, ED, PC, KC, FRS)

The Baton is the main symbol of office, only given to Field Marshals. It stems back to ancient origins; namely those of the Roman Empire. A short heavy white Baton was a symbol of  the Imperial Mandate given to Roman Military Legates. The Legate would hold the baton upon high, proclaiming, “above your head and mine to represent the power of the emperor”.


The British Field Marshal’s Baton is a symbol of the magnitude of office. The figure of St George and the Dragon is at the top, and at the bottom an inscription from The Queen to Lord Guthrie. The body of the Baton is covered with red velvet.


Field Marshal The Lord Guthrie Portrait Sitting, London Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Looking for inspiration I started with Sir Thomas Lawrence, studying his portraits of the Duke of Wellington.  Neo Classical in Style; Lawrence painted the Iron Duke on several occasions. His most vivid depiction, a triumphant portrait of Wellington which dominates the Waterloo Chamber at Windsor Castle. Lawrence’s composition is that of victory, heralding Wellington as the finest of military commanders and the liberator of Europe.

Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830)
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1852) 1814-15

Then I moved on to looking at Singer Sargent’s portrait of Field Marshal Frederick Sleigh Roberts. The work similar to Sir Thomas Lawrence’s neo-classical depictions.  I turned to photography, browsing the National Portrait Gallery archive, I discovered the photographer Alexander Bassano, who photographed Field Marshal Hague. The portrait captured in a solemn and dutiful style, the depictions relay the finery, yet the obligation and commitment of Hague’s role.

Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig by Bassano Ltd whole-plate glass negative, 19 July 1921 Alexander Bassano

With all this in mind I set to work, with a desire to create my own interpretation. Using a red velvet backdrop, I aimed to recreate the symbolism of the fire and blood, that is the Red Coat. The British Military Uniform associated with energy, war, danger, strength and Royal power. These words associate with the office of Field Marshal. Full finery was the order of the day, medals, orders, and number one dress uniform. Wanting to portray Lord Guthrie as the man he is; the Commander held in immense regard.


The positions directed for the sitting are reflective, shooting from a low angle to make Lord Guthrie look prominent and tall. Harsh lighting is utilised to preserve the detail. To me the Portrait is historical , a document, all the detail must be safeguarded. With this in mind I hope I’ve done my predecessors, proud in this my first portrait sitting with a British Field Marshal. Currently I’m accepting public & private commissions both Military and Non Military for Portrait Sittings so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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