Photo Professional Magazine Interview & Feature

Thank you to Photo Professional Magazine‘s Terry Hope for interviewing me about my recent projects Expressive & Portraitist. The article is out now in September’s Edition of the Magazine.

Photo Professional Magazine Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer Editorial

Photo Professional Magazine Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer EditorialPhoto Professional Magazine Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer EditorialPhoto Professional Magazine Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer Editorial

H.E. Diego Gómez Pickering – KCVO Ambassador of Mexico

H.E. Diego Gómez Pickering – KCVO Ambassador of Mexico Rory Lewis Photographer LondonAmbassadors is a new project, driven by my passion for Historical Portraiture. The work will comprise of Ambassadors portraits from each political embassy in London. My first sitting took place in July with Ambassador of Mexico H.E. Diego Gómez Pickering. It was wonderful to meet the Ambassador himself a former journalist; capturing his portrait. It was interesting to learn that 2015 is the year of Mexico in the UK and their are great deal of events and exhibitions taking place. Mexico has been a country i’ve always wanted to visit and It was wonderful to learn some new facts about Mexico. I’ve already arranging portrait sittings with several more Ambassadors and I hope to complete the project in the next few weeks.

H.E. Diego Gómez Pickering – KCVO Ambassador of Mexico Rory Lewis Photographer London

 (Rory Lewis)

 (Rory Lewis)

Victoria Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, LondonFundraiser Victoria, booked a Corporate Headshots session at the Liverpool Studio this week; to update her website profile picture, and Linkedin Headshot. Professional looking profile photos are an essential part of your online presence. Portraiture is my speciality, having over 10 years experience. I’m just as comfortable working with high-powered board members as I am with other members of staff, and you will find my friendly and professional approach helps put even the most photo-phobic at ease. I am able to photograph you at my studios in Liverpool or London, or travel to your offices anywhere in the UK.

Corporate Headshots, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, London

Cancer Research UK Campaign Photoshoot

CRUK commissioned Rory Lewis to Photograph their latest campaign to promote awareness of Bowl Cancer. The images are now all over the North West on buses, posters and campaign literature; I hope the images will make the public more aware of this important message.

CRUK Campaign Photography Rory Lewis

CRUK Campaign Photography Rory LewisRory Lewis Photography Studio managed every part of the campaign from locating models to location, styling, equipment and retouching. If you are in need of a commercial photoshoot please get in touch, not campaign is too small or too big.

Lord Mayor of Liverpool Cllr Tony Concepcion

CKCHFr5WUAA77vOsmThis week as part of my ongoing project to photograph each new Lord Mayor of Liverpool. Lord Mayor Cllr Tony Concepcion, very graciously posed for my lens at the Liverpool Town Hall this week. Cllr Conception has only just taken up the role of Lord Mayor. A retired Vauxhall Motors worker and senior shop steward, Cllr Concepcion grew up in the city centre and now lives in Knotty Ash, close to the new Alder Hey Hospital. He was first elected to the city council 25 years ago. As a  Liverpool photographer I continually play a role in Photographing its most distinguished politicians and citizens.

William Hague Sitting

 (Rory Lewis)

William Hague is a British Conservative politician who was the MP for Richmond from 1989 to 2015. He also served as Leader of the House of Commons from 2014 to 2015 and as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs from 2010 to 2014. He was the Leader of Conservative Party from 1997 until Iain Duncan Smith took over the position in 2001.

 (Rory Lewis)

Until this point, I had longed for the chance to work with a truly significant British historical character. William Hague’s name is synonymous with modern political discourse, but to meet him in person, you would not think it.

 (Rory Lewis)

He is a very witty man who was reeling jokes off through the entire sitting. I was pleasantly surprised with how well he held himself for the portrait, so well in fact that the finished frame is very reminiscent of a Holbein piece – dignified and full of grace and authority.


Images where taken with my medium format Mamiya 645DF, Leaf Credo 40 & 100mm Mamiya Leaf Sekor AF 110mm f/2.8 LS D &  80mm f/2.8 LS D. Thank you to Calumet Photographic for supporting the Photoshoot.


Look-book Fashion Commission

Local Liverpool fashion designer Siobhan Molloy Commissioned me to photograph a look-book of her latest designs at the Liverpool Studio. If you are a fashion designer in need of a look-book, please get in touch. I have a competitive and affordable service.

Liverpool Photographer Rory Lewis Model Portfolios, Fashion Photography, Commercial Photography

Liverpool Photographer Rory Lewis Model Portfolios, Fashion Photography, Commercial Photography

Magician Sean Heydon Entertainment Portraits

Magician Sean Heydon booked a Portrait Session at the Liverpool Studio to update his portfolio material. I seem to be photographing a great deal of Magicians only recently photographing Philip Hitchcock a few weeks ago. If you are a Magician or another artist in need of a photoshoot, please take a look at the comprehensive service I can offer right here in Liverpool, or across the UK.
Sean Heydon Magician Liverpool Photographer Rory Lewis


Sean Heydon Magician Liverpool Photographer Rory Lewis

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach Portrait

Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer Air-Chief-Marshal-Sir-Stuart-CF008970Headshots-SessionSir Stuart Peach is a veteran soldier who has amassed a staggering 38 years of service in the Royal Air Force, earning the rank Air Chief Marshal. Even though I’m a professional photographer, I will forever be a historian in my heart. Over the years, I have managed to hone my skills and discovered how to marry my passion with my profession. So when I am tasked with private portrait sittings for politicians, military figures and others of significant standing, I tend to look back in time towards historical portraiture for inspiration. Drawing on the work of Holbein, Dürer, da Vinci and Gros, as well as portrait photographers such as Karsh, I always hope to produce a frame worthy of documenting. In short, I hope that future historians will one day use my work as a source to discover the personality and soul of each sitter.


Air-Chief-Marshal-Sir-Stuart-CF008962Headshots-SessionMy sitting with Sir Stuart was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create the perfect military portrait. Bathed in the illustrious history of Whitehall, we conducted the session in the MOD Building – a perfect location to capture the experience, rank and authority of the subject. Employing direct eye contact with the lens, full military garb and a solemn posture, the frame urges the viewer to look into his eyes, demanding the utmost respect his title dictates. Images where taken with the Mamiya Leaf Credo 40 and 80mm f/2.8 LS D Lens.