Chief Constable Paul Crowther, OBE Portrait Sitting

Paul Crowther, OBE is a police officer of the United Kingdom. Since March 2014, he has been Chief Constable of the British Transport Police (BTP). I’m no stranger to photographing high profile public officials. I’m a professional portrait photographer, I will forever be a historian in my heart.


Over the years, I have managed to hone my skills and discovered how to marry my passion with my profession. So when I am tasked with private portrait sittings for politicians, military figures and others of significant standing, I tend to look back in time towards historical portraiture for inspiration.


Drawing on the work of Holbein, Dürer, da Vinci and Gros, as well as portrait photographers such as Karsh, I always hope to produce a frame worthy of documenting. In short, I hope that future historians will one day use my work as a source to discover the personality and soul of each sitter.

Paul Crowther OBE London Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Based in London Rory Lewis is the UK’s foremost Police/Law Enforcement Portraitist Photographer, who is regularly commissioned to photograph high profile Officers of the Metropolitan and British Transport Police. Portraits are very important to Police Officers, to be captured in Uniform looking ones best and in full finery can fill one with pride for the service. Rory Lewis Photographer offers a comprehensive service to Members of Law Enforcement who are wanting to capture a professional portrait. Available at studios in Central London, Edinburgh and in Central Liverpool; or On Location.




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