David Warner Actor Photoshoot ‘Northerners 2014 Exhibition’

It was a love of Classical Cinema that inspired me to become a photographer and my current ‘Northerners Exhibition Project’ has rekindled my interest. I have been doing some extensive research on who to include in the exhibit which will feature over 100 portraits of Northerners, from Liverpool Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire, Greater ManchesterLeeds and North Yorkshire.

David Warner Photoshoot  Rory Lewis Photographer

I have begun to draw up a list of those I would like to include and have already begun the work. Everyone from Athletes, to Actors, Politicians, Hero’s of our Armed Forces and Celebrities will be included.

The exhibition will be held in aid of UNICEF and will take place Firstly in Liverpool from July 24th-31st July 2014, then Manchester & London.


Today’s Exhibition Shoot Featured Actor David Warner who is one of the Most Talented British Actors the North has ever produced. Being born in Manchester in 1941 now aged (72) he is still involved in many film and television projects.

David Warner Photoshoot  Rory Lewis Photographer

I have been an admirer of  David for many years, seeing his Cult Films and TV Series from childhood including The Omen, The Ballad Of Cable Houge, Titanic, The 39 Steps, Time Bandits, Star Trek, Mad Dogs and Hornblower to name a few. Contacting David’s Agent, I went about organising the portrait sitting which took place today at Leo Studio in London.


It was wonderful to meet David, who explained he had an aversion to having his picture taken, this is something I share with David, even though I’m a photographer I prefer to be behind the camera.

David Warner Photoshoot  Rory Lewis Photographer

I was surprised to hear that because of David’s aversion he hasn’t sat for a professional studio photoshoot since 1966! The last photographer being Cecil Beaton, and previously Lord Snowdon and David Bailey. I took a big gulp and felt the pressure flow down my throat, being the first professional studio portrait sitting David Warner has attended in 47 years!

David Warner Photoshoot  Rory Lewis Photographer

The shoot has been one of the most memorable of my career, and the images are truly magical. David worked through several shots; one of which is stunning and will be hung for the exhibit. If you would like to learn more about David Warner and his Films Please Visit his Fansite. You can also follow the exhibitions progress on Twitter.



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