Rory Lewis Photographer - Expressive Exhibition poster2In 2014, Rory Lewis captivated the photographic community with his ´Northerners´ Portrait Photography Exhibition. Assembling a retrospective of Northern stars from the stage and screen. Building on this exposure, Rory has embarked on his´Expressive´ Portraiture Exhibition, which will form a new chapter in his portraiture portfolio. Throughout 2015, Rory has held portrait sittings with a diverse group of celebrated thespians, from both sides of the Atlantic. From Hollywood stars to television characters, Rory’s unique style will both captivate and rouse his growing audiences. Exhibition includes portraits of thespains from, William Shatner to Sir Ian McKellen, and many more.

Exhibition Schedule



Thursday 8th October 2015 Liverpool Open Evening 7-9pm

The Atrium, 61 Victoria Street Liverpool, L1 6DE


Thursday 29th October 2015 London Open Evening 7-9pm

Calumet Photographic 93-103 Drummond Street, London NW1 2HJ


London Open to the Public Friday 30th- Thursday 22nd November 2015 (Free Entry)

Expressive Portraits Book by Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis
Exhibition Book Now On-Sale

Exhibition Sponsors

Hahnemühle FineArt UK

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