Fine Art Nude Courses London (UK) & Los Angeles (CA) (USA)


Art Nude Photography Workshops Liverpool, Manchester, London Leeds,Working with a Professional  Art Nude Model with fabulous bone structure, figure and facial expression. Rory Lewis Art Nude Courses are a MUST for all those enthusiastic Art Nude Photographers who want to capture some amazing shots for their portfolios. Tuition is a hands on classroom as you work with the model throughout the day learning new skills and techniques. You will walk away from this course with the skill to develop and improve your photography techniques, learn studio flash lighting, develop your understanding of studio technique and test this using a professional model.” You will be shown the effect of soft boxes, umbrellas, snoots, beauty dishes and how to use reflectors. How to use both soft and hard lighting to change the mood and effect of a portrait. Learn the function of the main light; and how to use fill lights, back lights and hair lights to affect the final image.


Course Starts 10am and Finishes at 4pm, all lighting equipment will be provided you just need to bring your DSLR Camera with you. Please Email Me if you have any questions about the Course. Full Course Details will be Sent upon Booking. Group Sizes are small around 4-6 Delegates.


Courses & Timetable

Art Nude Photography Course Los Angeles
Skye Rentals | 164 West Providencia Avenue | Burbank, CA 91502
Friday, 19 January 2018 from 10:00 to 16:00 (PST)

Art Nude Photography Course London
Farringdon Studio | 2 Bleeding Heart Yard | EC1N 8SJ London | United Kingdom
Sunday, 4 March 2018 from 10:00 to 16:00 (GMT)

Art Nude Courses Feedback

“Excellent training throughout ”

Art Nude Photography Workshops Liverpool, Manchester, London Leeds,

“Rory is a fantastic teacher !! He is very easy to learn from and his course is enjoyable and informative. He loves being asked questions and is extremely knowledgable. The course was 95% practical which is fantastic as that is the best way to learn. Rory also backed up the course with PDF diagrams and presentation on what we had learned. This is proving a great resource to refer back to. The choice if model was perfect and whole day was run very professionally and set everybody at ease. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in Art Nude Photography. I took the course to further my knowledge of lighting and direction and wasn’t disappointed. I learned a lot and have new found skills that I’m applying to my photography. The course has left me with a new found passion for my art form and a real motivation to take my interest even further. I enjoyed this course so much that I am booking to do another course with Rory, this time in an old Lunatic Asylum, I can’t wait !!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

Peter Holland


“Excellent training throughout ”

Rory was superb. There’s no doubt about that. The training, the way he explained things all of it was top notch. I have come from a background of many years in photography but all self thought – I had some areas I needed to brush up on and many areas I needed clarity and Rory delivered!

I would have no doubt in recommending his training and his photography.

Sam Via

Can summarise this quite quickly: brilliant!

Art Nude Photography Workshops Liverpool, Manchester, London Leeds,

“I don’t get much of a chance to experiment with a studio set up and professional models; this was the perfect opportunity. Both Rory and the model really helped with the instructions, this being what you’d normally expect like lighting, but also on how various positions of the head/eyes etc. can make a huge difference to the outcome of the shot. But in addition to the actual teaching, it was good fun. Both had a good sense of humour which made the whole experience “a laugh” as well as being very informative. And they were incredibly patient as each of the pupils (including me) made a pig’s ear of one thing and another. If you’ve ever thought about trying a course like this, do it now, you won’t regret it.”



“Knew his stuff”

Rory knew his stuff. He answered all of my questions and everyone else’s. I enjoyed his early references, “Maria” from “Metropolis” through the styles. He was very impressive, I will look forward to seeing more of his work.
He covered many different lighting styles. I would enjoy attending another day if he was running it.

Sean O’Connell Via


“ the Asylum Course ”

Hi all I have just attended the rain hill Asylum Course with Rory Lewis he made everyone welcome and made sure you where conversant with your camera so you got the most from the course. He was will to explain on all levels of experience no matter what camera you had with you. I will certainly attend another course run by Rory in the future. I would say if you intend to go on the next the Asylum Course at rain hill, it’s a cold place I would take some props with you to make the most of the experience as the model was very help full. The venue is endowed with mystery and intrigue and opens your mind to the beauty of pictures and light.

Keith Jacques Via

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