Fine Art Nude Workshops Los Angeles, (CA) & London, (England)

Fine Art Nude Photography Workshops

I’ve always been drawn to fine art nude photography as an opportunity to create art for the sake of art. No clients, no deadlines, no restrictions — just the human form as my canvas. While nude photography can be whatever you want it to be, when I teach workshops I coach my students to focus specifically on the fine art nude with an emphasis on light, shape, form, storytelling, and mood.

When you look at my work, I never want you to see a ‘naked photo’. Instead, I want you to see a creative exploration of photography with the nude form as part of the visual language and creative canvas. When you look at my work, you shouldn’t be looking at ‘body parts’ but instead perhaps the way the light wraps around shape of nude subject. I try to pass these same sensibilities onto the students of my workshops both in my instruction and the inspirational references I direct them to study whether classical paintings, art photographers, or fashion photographers.


Current Upcoming Workshops


Working with a Professional Art Nude Models with fabulous bone structure, figure and facial expression. Rory Lewis Art Nude Courses are a MUST for all those enthusiastic Art Nude Photographers who want to capture some amazing shots for their portfolios. Tuition is a hands on classroom as you work with the model throughout the day learning new skills and techniques. You will walk away from this course with the skill to develop and improve your photography techniques, learn studio flash lighting, develop your understanding of studio technique and test this using a professional model.” You will be shown the effect of soft boxes, umbrellas, snoots, beauty dishes and how to use reflectors. How to use both soft and hard lighting to change the mood and effect of a portrait. Learn the function of the main light; and how to use fill lights, back lights and hair lights to affect the final image.

Los Angeles, CA

164 W Providencia Ave

Burbank, Los Angeles,

CA 91502

London, United Kingdom | Calumet Photographic and Rental
Saturday, 21 October 2017 from 10:00 to 17:00 (BST)

(Los Angeles CA) Glendale Photography Studio| 820 Thompson Ave
Sunday, 29 October 2017 from 10:00 to 17:00 (PDT)

Every year I teach fine art nude photography workshops both at my studio in London (England) and in Los Angeles (CA). These portfolio intensive nude workshops are limited to 12 delegates. I have several goals that I want to achieve with my students. First, I aim to educate. I want to help photographers understand how to manipulate the form to create the shapes they desire, and therefore gain a deeper understanding of posing. I want them to see (and experience) how the placement of light and choice of modifier change the appearance of the body, curves and musculature. I want to demonstrate the role of highlight and shadow in both sculpting and differentiating the form, and how his interplay of light and shadow becomes fundamental to fine art nude photography.


Next, I am to reduce (or eliminate) fears. At times people are uncomfortable with photographing nudes because of societal taboos that have been imposed. During my workshop I help my students to become comfortable with planning shoots, the etiquette of approaching and directing their subjects and more. It is extremely important for a photographer to be professional and confident with their subjects in order to create the type of imagery that is the goal of my workshops.


Finally (and probably just as importantly), I aim to inspire. Nude photography always pushes me to explore my creativity — I explore new lighting techniques, I make a mess with paint, I try more dramatic poses, I create unusual set or place my subjects in unexpected scenes. The nude is my creative canvas, and I often find that the creative explorations I experiment with in nude photography often creep back into my own portrait photography work.


Unfortunately for a variety of reasons (many unfounded or based on societies unnecessarily skewed perceptions of the nude form) I cannot share many of my fine art nude work on social media without destroying the integrity of the images by photoshopping out a nipple or adding censorship. Honestly, I think there is a clear different between ‘sexy boob’ and ‘art boob’, but of course that is an entirely different discussion.

Although I do not treat my workshops as shooting time for myself, I often take a few frames of the subjects in order to allow my students see me direct the models and also to allow me to provide a few frames of images to my models as an extra thank you for their hard work!


In one workshop we focused a lot on studio lighting for fine art nudes, and how to use the mood of the light to fit the theme of the nude or to tell the greater story. We also used studio lighting to create dramatic images that really focused on the nude form instead of a ‘naked subject’.



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