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RORY LEWS BRITISH, Headshot Photographer to the Stars of Stage & Screen, Recommended by Backstage Casting. Based in Los Angeles (CA) able to shoot at studios in Glendale.

Iain Glen, Sir Patrick Stewart, Ian McShane, Actors Headshots, Los Angeles (California) Actors Headshots

Craig Charles, Sir Ian McKellen, Natalie Dormer, Actors Headshots, Los Angeles (California) Actors Headshots

Rory Lewis is one of the most sought after Actors Headshot Photographers in California, photographing Actors Headshots for many years. Rory has created Actors Headshots  for the USA’s finest Acting Talent, Stars of Stage and Screen from William Shatner to Sir Patrick StewartSir Ian McKellenSir Derek JacobiDavid Warner, Natalie Dormer, Iain Glen, Julian Glover and the list goes on.” Los Angeles (California) Actors Headshots. Rory has developed his own unique style of working with actors ensuring their photographic headshot experience is an enjoyable; relaxed session; to create the very best in Actors Headshots.

Craig Charles Film Actor Character Actor Portfolios Los Angeles (California) Actors Headshots

Make the Right Choice for Your Actors Headshots. Professional, Inventive, Expertly Directed, Relaxed Sessions with No Time Limit. Rory Lewis Actors Headshots Photographer.

Rory Lewis Session with Sir Patrick Stewart

Stephen Graham Film Actor Character Actor Portfolios Los Angeles

For some actors having their headshot captured can be an extremely nerve-racking experience, after all stills photography is an unnatural concept for actors. After-all actors are used to moving on stage and screen. For others it’s not such an ordeal; whichever it is for you the one thing that helps to get the best photos is time. Yes, Time and LOTS OF IT, this will ensure you are completely relaxed and will photograph at your best.

LA Actors Headshots

So after we have put the world to rights over a cup of coffee we will have plenty of time to work. I always like to start with a few test shots which we can view on the computer so that any necessary changes can be made. We then get to work in the studio for a time, this gives you a chance to get a feel of how I work and I can find out what works best for you.

Bruce Green LA Actors Headshots

Clothing and hairstyles can be changed whenever needed. (Makeup Artist can be provided if Needed). From time to time I will show you photos so you have a clear idea of what is going on. We then take a series of outside shots; by this point, I will have a good idea what is best for you and you will feel even more relaxed.

Throughout the shoot, we will aim to get as many looks as we can, with clothes, different hairstyles, angles and emotions. The session will last around Two Hours and in that time I will take about 500 photos. I will then cut down the 500 to around 200/400 Depending on Your Package.

LA Actors Headshots

I shoot in colour and convert to black and white you receive both colour and black and white copies of your retouched images. You will receive your contact sheets on-line via your own private website within 24 hours.

 (Rory Lewis)

Once you have chosen your photos I will retouch and crop them for you. Changes can be made before you receive your final photos. With regards to airbrushing, I feel this is a very important area as too much can spoil a photo. This is why I spend a great deal of time working on your photos and like to include you in this process. To make sure you pick the right photos, which stand out for your Casting Profile Pages.


Based in Los Angeles able to shoot at studios in Glendale, Downtown Los Angeles,  and Studio City.


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(Optional Makeup Artist $89.00)

Sessions Available Weekly in Los Angeles (California) Actors Headshots




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(Optional Makeup Artist $89)

Sessions Available Weekly in Los Angeles (California) Actors Headshots

To Book Please Email Me rorylewis@me.com For Availability

Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, London

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Los Angeles Actors Headshots Rory Lewis Photographer

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