Weekend Portrait Masterclass Feedback

Thank you to everyone who attended Weekend Portrait Masterclass over the bank holiday. It was wonderful to welcome everyone to my Liverpool Photography Studio. The course was a wonderful success, if you would like to book a place, I will be holding four more Weekend Portrait Masterclasses this year in Liverpool, London, Edinburgh & Dublin.

Work with Professional Models Test using State of the Art Equipment

Morning of the first day delegates enjoyed a talk on the medium of portraiture, then after coffee and refreshments it was time to learn low key lighting with our first model Alexandra. After lunch (provided) we moved on to beauty portraiture, learning high key lighting techniques. Into the afternoon delegates worked with our Second Model, Actor and Martial Arts Expert Kru Lundy. Learning how to direct a male subject and use reflectors & softboxes.

Work with Professional Models Test using State of the Art Equipment

On the second day delegates had a full schedule ahead of them. Starting with a fashion portrait photoshoot featuring our first model Alexandra, learning how to use gels to create a vivid portrait. After lunch (provided) delegates worked with a real soldier Major John Melville to create an epic low key portrait in the style of the renaissance artists. Finishing off the second day delegates expanded on high key lighting techniques with our third model Peter Adediran.




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