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**ALL courses are practical tuition sessions giving you plenty of time to learn hands on the skills taught. Enabling you to work with professional models on the day and capture amazing photography for your portfolio.**

Low Key Portrait Workshop Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer

Chiaroscuro lighting is a term that is more commonly applied to Renaissance and Baroque paintings. The style was used to introduce a sense of realism into portraits, by using the contrasts between light and dark tones to create a sense of depth. More recently, it is a technique that has found its way into the world of portrait photography.

Gary Millar Lord Mayor of Liverpool 2013-14

Low-key lighting deals with the contrasts between light and dark areas. It’s an expressive way of lighting your subject. It’s a look that we are used to seeing in classic film noir gangster movies, and is therefore seen as very cinematic. Low-key lighting is a method that demonstrates the idea of ‘sculpting with light’ perfectly. ‘When you work with low-key lighting, you really begin to appreciate how you can use light to emphasise the depth of a subject. A photograph is a two-dimensional medium, but using light can help us create the illusion of three dimensions.


In this practical workshop you will learn how to use the correct lighting methods to sculpt the light perfectly illuminating your subjects in low key. We will utilise different modifiers including barn doors, snoots, reflectors, and Flags. Working with a Professional Model with amazing bone structure and facial expression. This course is a MUST for all those enthusiastic portrait photographers who want to improve their low key lighting technique and capture amazing shots for their portfolios.

Rory Lewis Photoshoot with Sir Patrick Stewart

Rory Lewis Photoshoot with Sir Patrick Stewart

Location: Calumet Photographic 99-103 Drummond St, Kings Cross, LondonNW1 2HJ

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Friday 17th June 2016 Low Key Portraits Masterclass 10:15am – 16:15pm

Saturday 17th September 2016 Low Key Portraits Masterclass 10:15am – 16:15pm

Previous Course Feedback

“Low-Key workshop at Calumet London”

” In one word “Inspiring”

“Rory was open to and encouraged all questions, which were answered in detail. Rory shared his extensive lighting knowledge in addition to how to bring out the character in a portrait subject in a fun. informal, enjoyable manner.
Would recommend this course to any portrait photographer wanting to improve their craft.”

Dorothy Via ReviewCentre.com


“Low Key Portraiture with Rory Lewis”

Excellent photography workshop. We went through 8 different light set ups starting with a single light source and ending up with two light sources with the tightest control of the light. There was a lot to take in and was very happy with the photos I took. The breadth of the material covered was excellent. Very pleased to have attended. Thanks Rory!

Adrian Via ReviewCentre.com

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