Massi Furlan Actors Headshots Los Angeles

Massimiliano Furlan, aka Massi, was born near Venice in Treviso, Italy. Massi started his entertaining career as a stand up comedian. In 2007 Massi moved to Hollywood, CA where his acting chops were quickly recognised. He was immediately cast in the HBO pilot 1%, Days of Our Lives, Terminator: Sarah Connors Chronicles, Massi has also featured in movies such as The Dark Night Rises.

Massi in love with my work and style of actors headshots arranged a session at the West Hollywood Studio last week. We began with a bearded look, and following this Massi had a shave. We then continued with a clean cut series of headshots. Working with the Italian Army for the past six months, I was able to direct Massi in his native language, brushing up on my linguistic skills throughout the session. Indeed a versatile actor, we worked through several characters and styles, changing lighting and clothing to create a wonderfully varied portfolio of headshots.

Massi Furlan Los Angeles Actors Headshots Rory Lewis Photographer

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