Model/Subject Portrait Direction Masterclass London

**ALL courses are practical tuition sessions giving you plenty of time to learn hands on the skills taught. Enabling you to work with professional models on the day and capture amazing photography for your portfolio.**


Rory Lewis Photographer Photographing Sir Patrick Stewart London Portrait Photographer

Rory Lewis Photographer Directing/Photographing Sir Patrick Stewart London Portrait Photographer

“Do you want to learn  inventive ‘scenarios’, to help easily encourage clients to express themselves, creating natural, thought provoking portraits? Then this is the course for you!”


If you have ever needed to break the ice with portrait subjects and capture the images you have only dreamed of creating; its not all about lighting. Lighting is only 20% of the equation direction is 80% of the battle. If you can’t direct a subject you won’t be able to forfill a photographic brief, your images won’t tell a story and will look pretty similar throughout your portrait sittings. Many photographers don’t have the confidence to direct and rely on their models and subjects to react, move and change as they click the shutter. If you want to evoke a feeling and make your images thought provoking you need to develop your strategy and direct your subjects.


Northerners Exhibition has received a phenomenal response from Actors, Politicians & Celebrities. Held in aid of UNICEF, the exhibition aims to Raise £10,000.00. Photographing the collection has been challenging. Many of the ‘Northerners’ found their roots in the North, but now reside all over the world. The exhibition has taken me from Liverpool, to London and last week New York to Photograph Sir Patrick Stewart.

A portrait studio is a stage and your subject needs direction. Within a few hours of this session you will have a renewed enthusiasm for mastering the visual balance and composition of your portrait sittings. We will work throughout the day in a professional studio environment with a model to help you gain the confidence and skills to direct a portrait subject.

Model Direction Masterclass London Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

With professional portraitist Rory Lewis leading the session you will be well coached with handy directional tricks and tips. Rory will teach posing do’s and don’ts and offer handy advice on breaking the ice with your subjects. Instructing you to create inventive ‘scenarios’, helping you to easily encourage clients to express themselves, creating natural, thought provoking portraits. This class will give you the confidence to put your models/subjects at ease and capture the portraits that will make you stand out from the crowd.


Location: Calumet Photographic 99-103 Drummond St, Kings Cross, London NW1 2HJ

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Saturday 27th August 2016 Model Direction Masterclass 10.15am-16.15pm

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