H.E Pasquale Terricciato Ambassador of Italy Portrait Sitting

Ambassador Pasquale TerraccianoAs part of my long term project Ambassadors. I wrote to the Italian Ambassador Pasquale Terricciato who to my delight; graciously accepted my invitation to sit for a Portrait in London. The sitting took place at the Italian Residence in London’s Grosvenor Square. Upon entering the building I could sense its history, the Ambassador very kindly gave me a personal tour. Allowing me to view previous portraits of Italian Representatives throughout the past 200 years, who like the Ambassador have represented Italy in UK.


After a fine cup of Italian Coffee we set to work on the portrait. Terricciato with over 30 years in politics is a veteran of the diplomatic service. I aimed to capture a portrait to reflect the responsibly and importance of his office; directing Pasquale to look solum and responsible with a series of plain and emotionless expressions. The Ambassador very pleased with the portraits announced he would hang the finished product on the historic embassy wall. This is praise indeed as it will be appreciated even 100 years from now.  (Rory Lewis)



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