Victoria & George Cross Portraits

The Victoria Cross & George Cross Portrait Project has been an exceptionally challenging, yet rewarding portrait project. Depicting the confidence, experience and character of a medal awardee in portrait form is essential, yet comes with its own unique set of concerns. Individuals who have been awarded the Victoria Cross have been selected because they are worthy of Britain’s highest military award for their bravery and conduct in the field. Similarly, those awarded the George Cross are civilians or military personnel who have displayed conspicuous bravery away from the field. These awards are not issued lightly. They are the very greatest honour for individual valour and merit. These individuals are the modern day heroes.


My reason for the Victoria Cross and George Cross Portrait Project was to create a historical and empowering record of each and every one of the 31 current living recipients. This is no mean feat. These awards go to anyone under the umbrella of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, and therefore include recipients from all over the globe: Not just on Blighty’s shores, but also from Canada to New Zealand & Australia.  


Nonetheless, the project is underway and gaining pace (and air miles!). This is a quest that sees glimpses in to the stories behind the very bravest of people. Men and women around the world who are part of this project fill me with both awe and respect. It is a personal honour to be photographing them, and recording their images for history. I have been in the fortunate position of listening to, and reading, stories of immense valour and fearlessness. Often over the course of the project to date, and no doubt to come, I have experienced a range of emotions from both gut-wrenching to heart-warming. It is this experience I want to convey in the portraiture. These individuals have saved lives at the risk of their own, and held their ground under immense pressure and often injury to themselves. This project is both humbling and inspiring.  


As the Victoria Cross and George Cross Project continues over time, and over the world, the ultimate aim is for an accurate and timeless record of these modern day heroes and heroines.


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December 2016 Several Portraits from the Collection Acquired by The National Portrait Gallery


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Victoria & George Cross Portraits