Professional Headshots Henry VIII & Napoleon Knew The Importance of Image

Actors, Authors, Musicians, Opera Singers, Professionals, DoctorsCEO’S, Directors you all need a good headshot, a single image to convey your complexities, personality and professionalism.


Ask yourself does your Headshot Tell your Story?”

“A picture shows me at a glance what it takes dozens of pages of a book to expound.” Ivan Turgenev 


Photoshoots for Actors & Talent

With the growth of Social Media, our online appearance can be just as important; possibly in a modern context even more important than our personal appearance.


Here a few historical examples for you. Henry VIII, knew the importance of his professional Appearance. When we think of Henry VIII we think of a gigantic, defiant bull like figure. In reality this wasn’t true, it was an image created by the Artist Hans Holbein in 1537.

Henry VIII Napoleon

Likewise Napoleon from the Beginning of his career appreciated the importance of imposing his image upon the world through the best artists available.


“A Picture is worth a Thousand Words” (Napoleon)”


So why should we think any different to Henry VIII & Napoleon. If they had Social Media how would they represent themselves to the public?


Posting amateur images of yourself taken from a night out on your Linkedin Profile won’t make you look serious to potential employers and clients. Nor represent you as a giant in your profession.

Sean Clancy & Matt Littler & Darren Jeffries ©Rory Lewis Photographer 2012

Sean Clancy & Matt Littler & Darren Jeffries ©Rory Lewis Photographer 2012

Your image must reflect your attention to detail and professionalism. You only get one chance to make a good impression. Good Head Shots immediately convey that you are serious and focused.


I have developed my own unique style of working with headshot clients ensuring their photographic headshot experience is an enjoyable; relaxed session to create the best image for your profile.

Emma Rigby & John Benson QC ©Rory Lewis Photographer 2013

Emma Rigby & John Benson QC ©Rory Lewis Photographer 2013

With Over 10 Years Experience and using direction and inventive ‘scenarios, I can easily encourage you to express yourself, creating natural, approachable headshots that get you noticed. Don’t let your image suffer; become a PROFESSIONAL GIANT! I have a number of Affordable Packages, available in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow & London.

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