Rory Recommends (Must Have Portrait Photography Gear)

Choosing the right equipment for your photoshoots can make your life much easier. Welcome to Rory Recommends a Bi-Weekly Blog Post in which I’ll share my equipment recommendations for Portrait Photography.  For myself portability is key, with more than half of my Portrait Sittings taking place on location, at clients offices or in their homes. Collapsable and easy to carry equipment is essential for my work.

On a recent Portrait Photoshoot Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. I took advantage  of the latest portable equipment. Lets start with the backdrop. Lastolite supply a wonderful selection of Collapsable/Reversible Backdrops. For the portrait photographer on the move they are an ideal solution, folding down to a manageable size. For the sittings I utilised the Black/Grey Reversible. Don’t forget to pickup the Magnetic Backdrop Stand

As the photographer on the move, the ProFoto kit combines durability with portability and power. For the sittings I used the Pro Foto B2-250 kit which includes the AirTTL Power Pack. The power pack is made for the photographer on the road, and weights just less than 1kg with its Li-Ion battery.

The B2’s twin outlets have a dedicated thumbwheel that allows the package 250Ws of power to be distributed asymmetrically over a 9-stop range in full or 1/10 steps. At 0.7kg, the sturdily-built B2 Off-Camera Flash Heads measure 10.2cm long, and have a 9.9cm diameter fitting into the palm of your hand. A barely-visible umbrella channel runs through the top of the head. My chosen modifiers a pair of Air TTL OCTA’s producing wonderful soft lighting.


To finish a good light meter is essential, you will be surprised, I have taught a great deal of budding photographers in my workshops, and many have never used a light meter. I recommend the Sekonic L-308S, its simple to use and will ensure accuracy in your metering.




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