Actors Showreels

Nowadays, every Actor needs a showreel in order to secure an agent or to add more to their Spotlight PageRory Lewis Photographer film’s with broadcast quality cameras and edits with industry standard software in HD quality, using direction and inventive scenarios to show your Acting Ability.


Not everybody will find it that easy to get a show reel created. Actors who have solely worked on the stage might not have any footage of their work, and actors fresh out of Academies and Universities who are just beginning their careers will face the same problem when looking to get a showreel made.

A lot of people question wether showreels are necessary. They question whether a show reel is more important than a head shot. Well it goes without saying that your head shot is absolutely vital, but more and more in the modern day, the need for a showreel is becoming increasingly important. With the rate at which technology is changing, it wouldn’t be surprising if every casting director had an iPad with your show reel on, instead of holding a thin piece of paper they’ve printed from spotlight. Some casting directors are not far from that even today.


A showreel is an investment, it’s a moving CV, and when showreels are done properly they can be extremely interesting for others to watch. And you never know who might be watching.


Rory Lewis pride’s himself on making show reels for actors that stand out. Rory’s show reels for actors and other performers contain a key ingredient. With years of experience in all aspects of the industry, Rory’s show reels for actors, presenters, singers and dancers will make your next step in the industry a lot easier.




Showreels Currently Available at My Liverpool City Centre Studio and London, Farringdon Studio


£200.00 One Finished Scene

£300.00 Two Finished Scenes

£400.00 Three Finished scenes

£500.00 Four Finished scenes


To Book Please Email Me or Call 07717 139 637 For Availability


ACTORS SHOWREEL PACKAGES INCLUDE A consultation with Rory Lewis to find your strengths, and discuss scripts. Then; the shoot, with plenty of takes (to get your best scene), and scene direction to get your best performance. The scenes are edited within a week. You can view the finished edits, and together we decide the order each scene will run. You will receive a finished USB Pen master to keep. (Copies can be produced for an extra charge.) Or movie files for submission to VimeoYoutube – Spotlight – etc.

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