Fine Art Nude Workshop Los Angeles (CA) (USA) Sunday 29th October 2017

Working with a Professional  Art Nude Model with fabulous bone structure, figure and facial expression. Rory Lewis Art Nude Courses are a MUST for all those enthusiastic Art Nude Photographers who want to capture some amazing shots for their portfolios.  With workshop coming to  Los Angeles (CA) (USA) Sunday 29th October 2017  Tuition is a hands on classroom as you work with the model throughout the day learning new skills and techniques. You will walk away from this course with the skill to develop and improve your photography techniques, learn studio flash lighting, develop your understanding of studio technique and test this using a professional model.” You will be shown the effect of soft boxes, umbrellas, snoots, beauty dishes and how to use reflectors. How to use both soft and hard lighting to change the mood and effect of a portrait. Learn the function of the main light; and how to use fill lights, back lights and hair lights to affect the final image.

Course Starts 10am and Finishes at 4pm, all lighting equipment will be provided you just need to bring your DSLR Camera with you. Please Email Me if you have any questions about the Course. Full Course Details will be Sent upon Booking. Group Sizes are small around 4-6 Delegates.

Art Nude Photography Course Los Angeles Sunday 29th October 2017


Skye Rentals | 164 West Providencia Avenue | Burbank, CA 91502


Delegates Feedback


“Rory, The Art Nude Photography Course was spot on. You kept the theory to a minimal and just taught us practical techniques. I came away from the course with some amazing images and Ella Darling was an awesome model for a beginner like myself Thanks a bunch!”

Stephen Nicholson Delegate


“Rory  is someone who loves his work as a photographer  very enthusiastic . He is very willing to help and supplies one with information, during and after the shoot with notes of the different lighting setups .

I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wishes to enter the beautiful world of Fine Art Nude photography. There are so many aspects of the course that I enjoyed …this is another thing about Rory , he is a good sense of humour which rubs off on his students , because half the battle of getting something across is to make the whole learning experience enjoyable .

Even after he has finished his course and you are wanting to chat about something , Rory is always available to help . A great asset for any teacher well worth flying over from Ireland! “

Aidan Finn Delegate


Excellent course. this was my first Art Nude course and I’ll be honest I was very Nervous. However, Rory was great he kept me engaged and taught me loads. He knows his profession.


Our MUA did a flawless job, she had the model looking amazing and we didn’t have to deal with any issues. The model was amazing, great professional, very hard worker and made me feel at ease. Great gorgeous cheeky look and wonderful figure, would recommend her to anyone 

Simon Peters Delegate