Alliance Megala LA February 2018 Sessions

Alliance is a future star of stage and screen, currently studying acting at UCLA. Taking advantage of my Discounted Actors Sessions in Los Angeles, Alliance arranged her first headshots with myself at the Glendale Studio. Your headshot is your first point of contact with any agency or casting director. If it doesn’t stand out; if it doesn’t have the energy; the raw talent which demonstrates your craft.


I pride myself on providing a unique actors headshot service across Los Angeles. Capturing dynamic and powerful Actors Headshots. Headshots which enable you to stand out from the crowd and gain the interest of agencies and casting directors. My headshots are not your typical airbrushed, smiley generic headshots. They aim to show detail, structure and your acting ability. 


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 (Rory Lewis)

 (Rory Lewis)

James Swanton Actors Headshots Session Leeds

February and March have been incredibly busy months. On a very blistery cold day in Leeds actor James Swanton arranged a much needed update of his actors headshots. Predominately a stage actor who is often casted in period drama’s and horror roles. James wanted to expand is horizons with a new portfolio of portraits to help him attain a more diverse casting profile. A fan of my portrait sitting with actor Julian Bleach, James wanted me to use a similar style of lighting and direction.


If you are an actor in need of a new body of headshots. Rory Lewis has two quintessential packages on offer available several times a month in Leeds, Liverpool and London. Make the Right Choice for Your Actors Headshots. Professional, Inventive, Expertly Directed, Relaxed Sessions. Rory Lewis Actors Headshots Photographer.

Actors James Swanton Leeds Actors Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis

James Swanton Review Via Google Reviews

Rory created some miraculously detailed portraits to match a very specific brief. His eye for atmospheric light and shadow – part Rembrandt, part Expressionism – means that his headshots are works of theatre in miniature. Highly recommended.

Actors James Swanton Leeds Actors Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis

Actors James Swanton Leeds Actors Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis

Charlie Hiscock Actors Headshots

Actors Headshots Manchester Rory Lewis Photographer Actor Charlie HiscockActor Charlie Hiscock young star of the Borrowers, arranged an Actors Headshots update session at the Liverpool Studio this week. It was wonderful to meet Charlie and I hope his career is a successful one, it was wonderful to listen to stories about his experiences filming the Borrowers and the celebrities he encountered. Based in Liverpool and holding sessions monthly in Manchester, Leeds & London studios. I have developed my own unique style of working with actors ensuring their photographic headshot experience is an enjoyable; relaxed session; to create the very best in Actors Headshots.

Actors Headshots Manchester Rory Lewis Photographer Actor Charlie Hiscock