New Year New Headshot

New Year is all about new beginnings, new resolutions, new opportunities, building new relations and so on. So why not create a new and fresh image for yourself. Whether it is a total professional makeover or a few tweaks and trims, a new image can energise your spirits for the New Year.

Lord Mayors of Liverpool Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Lord Mayors of Liverpool Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Once you get a makeover don’t you want to make a good impression with this new image? As a professional, you have to deal with lots of other professionals, so updating your professional headshot with a new look will create a fresh and lasting impression on others.

Lastolite Black/White Left Actress Helen Bench, Right Actor William Shatner

Professional headshots are very important because they convey the message that you are approachable but also serious about your business or career. Executives, consumers, casting directors look forward to associating with a professional who they can rely on.


With the new year in mind its time to think about a New Headshot. Whether a business person, legal professional, performer or actor. Rory Lewis Photographer can accommodate your needs throughout the UK. Utilising London, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester Photography Studios of visiting your office with his portable equipment.

Rory Lewis is one of the most sought after actors headshot photographers in the UK photographing actors headshots for many years. Based in Liverpool & Manchester & Leeds Rory has developed his own unique style of working with actors ensuring their photographic headshot experience is an enjoyable; relaxed session to create the very best in actors headshots.”

Using old headshots can be boring. Familiarity breeds contempt. Don’t you get bored with the same look yourself? An updated professional image on your website and social media pages will deliver the message that you care about how you present yourself to others.


The technology in photography is improving every year. You do not want to look outdated, do you? Especially for those of you in the entertainment business, styles and trends change frequently, which is why a new image could also attract new offers.

Major General Tim Robinson Military Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Major General Tim Robinson Military Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

New online headshots are also beneficial if you are looking to move into a new role or if you have just left a business. The old headshot may associate you with your previous work and a refreshed image can make you feel better about your image. Our looks change without us noticing, so an updated headshot lets people recognise you.



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Morrish Solicitors Corporate Headshots Leeds

Every company needs an online presence and professional looking profile photos are an essential part of that. Leeds based law firm Morrish Solicitors specialising in Trade Union and Personal Injury law. Commissioned me to photograph Corporate Headshots of their 60 strong team of legal professionals. Visiting their offices I was able to setup my portable equipment turning their main conference area into a portrait studio. Directing each member of the team, I was able to capture a range of different expressions putting across Morrish Solicitors friendly and professional ethos.

Leeds Corporate Headshots

Leeds Corporate Headshots

IMG_42Leeds Corporate Headshots50

Paul Grogan Corporate Headshots

London Portrait Photographer London Corporate Headshots Rory Lewis PhotographerManager Paul Grogan in need of a professional Corporate Headshot for his Linkedin profile page; commissioned a session this week at the Liverpool Studio. Paul needed his images to reflect his professional and approachable business manner. Using direction and inventive scenarios I helped Grogan to assume these expressions. Being Paul’s first headshots session, he opted for Package Two enabling him to spend more time in the studio to relax and enjoy his portrait session. With over a decade of experience, I am just as comfortable working with high profile board members as I am with other members of staff, and you will find my friendly and professional approach helps put even the most photo-phobic at ease. If you are in need of a Corporate Headshot session, please check out my packages available in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds & London.London Portrait Photographer London Corporate Headshots Rory Lewis Photographer

London Portrait Photographer– Capturing the Essence of Power

William Jefferson Hague FRSL (born 26 March 1961)[1] is a British Conservative politician who was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Richmond (Yorks) from 1989 to 2015. He also served as Leader of the House of Commons from 2014 to 2015, as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs from 2010 to 2014,[2] and as Leader of the Conservative Party and Leader of the Opposition from 1997 to 2001. (Rory Lewis)

William Jefferson Hague Baron Of Richmond (Rory Lewis Photographer 2015)

As a London Portrait Photographer you learn very quickly. A picture does speak a thousand words, but not so when it comes to History Portrait Photography. These pictures need only speak two words: authenticity and power. When it comes to this style of photography the photographer needs to play by the rules: rules that are subtle to grasp, comprehend and activate, making the game difficult to play. Yet the end result needs to look effortless. Such photos are one of the truest documents of history and society, particularly for those holding positions of power and influence in the beating power centre of London – but also elsewhere.


Lt General James Everard (Rory Lewis Photographer 2015) Normally two characters are displayed in portraiture: the character of the subject and the character of the photographer. The photographer is aiming to capture the mood, expression and personality of subject. With History Portraiture, the photographer needs to take an apparent backseat, becoming invisible to the end result, presenting objectivity which enables the viewer their own subjectivity. This is a skill, an art form in itself – to appear to effortlessly capture through artistic ability the true appearance of the sitter, the authentic appearance, whilst exuding power. The result should be a deep and detailed portrait, yet a blank slate on which can rest the viewer’s own opinions. (Lt General James Everard Left)


I have an understated passion for Modern History Portrait Photography. In my time studying History at Kings College, London, I spent my days pondering on numerous historical figures gazing down on me and providing the inner voice of judgement on my student-lifestyle. I became fascinated by the pictures, searching for the 1000 words but finding just the two. I -had to do the understanding, the opinion-forming, no lazy back-of-the lecture-theatre effort allowed here. I found myself asking: what motivated the artist? Did the sitter approve, like, or dislike the artist’s representation? Were the portraits politically driven for propaganda or were they true to history?


I feel privileged to combine this passion, this appreciation of these individual’s place in history by becoming a photographer, called upon to utilise my expertise in lighting techniques, direction and even inventive scenarios to capture some of the most key people of our age.

Military Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis Lt General Mark Poffley British Army

Military Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis Lt General Mark Poffley British Army

Baron William Hague (Rory Lewis London Portrait PhotographerIn these shoots, here is a clear need to guarantee authority, the exemplary status, and in some cases the immortality of the sitter. These portraits need to stand the test of time like no other. To achieve this air of power and authority, the photographer needs to set the individual in a plain, yet solemn expression. The photographer is neutral, the sitter a vessel of unadorned vigour. How does this look in reality? This portrait of Baron William Hague of Richmond, commissioned just after the General Election of 2015 when Hague announced his retirement from politics, is a perfect example. The usually affable and jovial character portrayed in the media has instead been replaced with true authenticity and exudes the aura of a powerful political figure with a career spanning 30 years. I have kept the portrait neutral to allow you, the viewer, to make up your own mind and to form your own opinions.


Rory Lewis Photographer, London Portrait Photographer, General Nick HoughtonSimilarly this atmosphere of power can be seen in my portrait of General Sir Nicholas Houghton, Chief of Defence Staff, which was published in the Telegraph Newspaper. The commission came from the Ministry of Defence, looking for a portrait which can be used across a range official publications. As is often important when working with subjects who have busy agendas and high-profile responsibilities, the shoot was brought to the heart of power in Whitehall itself. My role, the game I needed to play, involved directing the General in order to project an air of solemnity whilst holding a plain expression. The result is an authoritative yet commanding portrait of this modern day historical figure. The image fits the historical context of military portraiture: a juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity.


Iain Duncan Smith London Portrait Photographer Rory LewisAt a recent London Portrait Sitting with Iain Duncan-Smith I dodged the ball of political controversy to remain true to the elements of the history portrait. The public, along with current and future historians, will have their own opinion, my role is to allow this judgement to be formed and to sit comfortably with the image portrayed. The viewer can subconsciously overlay their own viewpoint on the portrait.My aim is to allow my integral presence in the shoot become invisible in the end result, allowing the portrait to become a blank canvas for the viewer’s opinion. I aim, from behind the camera and through directing the shoot, to place these eminent figures elegantly yet timelessly in to their place in history.



Estonian Ambassador Lauri Bambus

Ambassador of Estonia Lauri Bambus Rory Lewis Photographer Portrait LondonLauri Bambus has recently arrived in the UK, to take up his position as Ambassador of Estonia to the United Kingdom. The Ambassadors Office needed a portrait to represent the Lauri on the Embassy’s website and in any Diplomatic Literature and Press Releases. Commissioning me for the task I Arranged the portrait sitting at the Estonian Embassy in London. I wanted to capture a portrait as to reflect the responsibility of the diplomatic office. The Ambassador has worked in the foreign service for many years and now taking over his important role in the UK. The portrait had to be a representation of the Ambassadors sincerity and the county in which he represents.


It was wonderful to meet Lauri and learn more about Estonia. The Ambassador dressed in colours similar to the flag of his country which was a really nice touch to the portrait. The images really stand out and I hope they serve the Embassy well. As a London Portrait Photographer continually moving from location to location, I have the ability to popup my studio anywhere. Using portable Pro-Foto lighting and Lastolite Popup backdrops. If you are in need of a portrait for your website, Linkedin, or corporate  literature please get in touchI offer a comprehensive service in London, Liverpool and the North West. 

On Assignment Rory Lewis Photographer, Mamiya Leaf Credo & Profoto B2 GO Kit London Portrait Photographer

On Assignment Rory Lewis Photographer, Mamiya Leaf Credo & Profoto B2 GO Kit London Portrait Photographer

Ambassador of Estonia Lauri Bambus Rory Lewis Photographer Portrait London

Commander Audberto Lopez Military Portraits

Military Portrait Photographer Liverpool & LondonOver the past few months, I have been working with several diplomatic missions in London on my Ambassadors Project. Popping my head in and out of various embassies I have gained several commissions. Just this week, I was commissioned by Mexico’s Deputy Military Attaché Commander Audberto Lopez for a Military Portrait Sitting in London. It was wonderful working with the Commander, over the years I have captured a great deal of portraits from British Armed Forces personal of the RAF, Army and Royal Navy. It was a nice change to capture a portrait of a Mexican Naval Officer. Portraits are very important for military personal, to be captured in Uniform looking ones best and in full finery can fill one with pride. Commander Lopez is very happy with his portraits and also purchased a framed prints and enlargements of his images. If you are a member of the Armed Forces seeking a portrait please have a look at my comprehensive service available in London and Liverpool.

 (Rory Lewis)

 (Rory Lewis)

Victoria Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, LondonFundraiser Victoria, booked a Corporate Headshots session at the Liverpool Studio this week; to update her website profile picture, and Linkedin Headshot. Professional looking profile photos are an essential part of your online presence. Portraiture is my speciality, having over 10 years experience. I’m just as comfortable working with high-powered board members as I am with other members of staff, and you will find my friendly and professional approach helps put even the most photo-phobic at ease. I am able to photograph you at my studios in Liverpool or London, or travel to your offices anywhere in the UK.

Corporate Headshots, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, London

Lord Mayor of Liverpool Cllr Tony Concepcion

CKCHFr5WUAA77vOsmThis week as part of my ongoing project to photograph each new Lord Mayor of Liverpool. Lord Mayor Cllr Tony Concepcion, very graciously posed for my lens at the Liverpool Town Hall this week. Cllr Conception has only just taken up the role of Lord Mayor. A retired Vauxhall Motors worker and senior shop steward, Cllr Concepcion grew up in the city centre and now lives in Knotty Ash, close to the new Alder Hey Hospital. He was first elected to the city council 25 years ago. As a  Liverpool photographer I continually play a role in Photographing its most distinguished politicians and citizens.

Zenith Chambers Barristers Headshots Leeds

The Barristers of Zenith Chambers in Leeds, commissioned me to photograph their corporate headshots. I visited the chambers with my portable studio kit, setting up in one of their offices. Throughout the day I captured the teams portraits, presenting them in a helpful and approachable manor. If you are in need of corporate headshots, please take a look at my packages, for larger groups I offer larger discounts so please get in touch for a quote. I offer my services UK wide and will even travel further afield.

Barristers Headshots Leeds. Manchester, Belfast. Dublin, London,  Glasgow Edinburgh

Barristers Headshots Leeds. Manchester, Belfast. Dublin, London,  Glasgow Edinburgh

Barristers Headshots Leeds. Manchester, Belfast. Dublin, London,  Glasgow Edinburgh

Clatterbridge Cancer Clinic Corporate Headshots

Wirral private cancer care centre Clatterbridge Clinic, commissioned me to photograph their staff corporate headshots. It was wonderful to meet the team, who provide such critical care to people who are suffering from Cancer.

Wirral Corporate Headshots Rory Lewis Photographer

Wirral Corporate Headshots Rory Lewis Photographer

Wirral Corporate Headshots Rory Lewis Photographer