Craig Fitness/Model Portfolio

Ex-Solider Craig has been told by many people he should be a model. Craig scoured the internet and found my website booking a model/fitness portfolio session at the Liverpool Studio this week. It was wonderful to meet and work with Craig.


Unsure of the whole process, I helped him step by step through the photoshoot, directing him in poses etc. I’m sure Craig will have a great career as a male model. If you are looking for a model portfolio or are interested in a career in modelling please get in touch, I have a number of suitable packages.

 (Rory Lewis)

 (Rory Lewis)


Luke’s Fitness Portfolio

Since my photoshoot with Rugby Player Stuart Reardon, I have received a great deal of interest in my work from Male Models. Most recently from Luke, male model and fitness instructor Luke commissioned me to shoot a portfolio of images.


Photographed at the studio in the centre of Liverpool Luke wanted some shots similar to the style of Mens Health Magazine and I believe we achieved the desired results he was looking for. If you are a male model looking to start a career in modelling or a male model in need of a portfolio update please take a look at my packages.

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