Corporate Photography Training Day’s With Celebrity Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Newcastle 2018


About the Instructor


Rory Lewis is a British portrait photographer, his body of work includes countless celebrity sittings with Actors such as Sir Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Derek Jacobi, Natalie Dormer, Ian McShane, Iain Glen and many other Portraits of Musicians and men and women of accomplishment. Rory’s work has been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London & Lectures at the National Portrait Gallery & Victoria & Albert Museum, and his recent Photography Exhibitions Northerners Photography & Expressive have received Nationwide Recognition being featured by the BBC and National Press & Television. Rory’s client list includes Pepsi, Ministry of Defence, Cancer Research UK, The Guardian & The Times Newspapers. Rory’s inspirations include Renaissance Portraiture and German Expressionist Cinema.

Rory Lewis Session with Sir Patrick Stewart

About the Workshop

Rory Lewis Photographer runs Photography Workshops throughout the UK. Aimed at Beginners Rory’s Corporate Digital Photography Course will give your staff the knowledge and hands-on practical experience to succeed in capturing your internal Photography.

All courses are practical tuition sessions giving your team plenty of time to learn hands on the skills taught. Thid eill enable them to capture amazing photography for your business. Group sizes are kept small to 6-10 delegates so they can get hands on in the practical tutorials. Rory uses fun, practical learning techniques for all his digital photography courses.

Stephen Graham Portrait Sitting Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer

Early Bird Offer Save 10% if you Book Before 1st July 2018


Dates & Locations

Corporate Photography Training Day With Celebrity Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis


Farringdon Studio | 2 Bleeding Heart Yard | EC1N 8SJ London | United Kingdom

Thursday, 26 July 2018 from 10:00 to 16:30 (BST)


ABode Glasgow | 129 Bath Street | G2 2SZ Glasgow | United Kingdom

Thursday, 16 August 2018 from 10:00 to 16:30 (BST)


Hotel du Vin & Bistro | Allan House, City Rd, | NE1 2BE Newcastle | United Kingdom

Thursday, 30 August 2018 from 10:00 to 16:30 (BST)


ABode Manchester | 107 Piccadilly | M1 2DB Manchester | United Kingdom

Thursday, 6 September 2018 from 10:00 to 16:30 (BST)


10 – 11.30am How to use your Camera Equipment:

• How to hold your camera correctly, which helps you to get sharp photos every time.
• Which lenses to use for which photos, so that you can best capture a specific subject or scene.
• How to change lenses correctly in order to prevent irritating dust spots from forming on each photograph.
• What your DSLR camera’s limitations are and how to compensate for them when you’re photographing scenes with high contrast.
• Why and when you should support your camera on tripods and bean bags.

How and when to change Camera Settings:

11.30 – 1.00pm How to be more creative:

• Different Shooting modes (which allows you to be more creative).
• File size and format (ensuring that you take the best possible quality shots).
• White balance and Metering mode (which allows you to influence the ‘warmth’ or ‘coolness’ of your photos and the way that the camera exposes what it sees.
• Drive mode (which allows you to shoot like a pistol or like a machine gun).
• Auto focus mode (which tells the camera whether you’re photographing something standing still or something that is moving).
• Auto focus point selection (which allows you to focus on either the whole subject or scene, or on a very specific part of it).
• ISO (which allows you to take sharp photos in low light conditions)
• Exposure compensation (which allows you to quickly make a photo lighter or darker).
• How to influence the depth of field in your photos in Aperture Priority.
• How to freeze action or capture movement in Shutter Priority.
• How to use the little pictures, or Scene selections, on your camera’s Shooting mode dial.

How Light influences your photos:

1.00pm Lunch


1.30pm, – 2.30pm Composing your Photography
• How to take colourful, representative images in front light.
• How to highlight detail and texture in side light.
• How to capture dramatic back light images that contain silhouettes and golden rim light.
• How to take photos in diffused light on overcast days.
• How to use your camera’s built-in flash effectively.

What perfect Composition is:

2.30pm Coffee Break


2.40pm – 3.40pm Expanding on Composition

• When to change the camera orientation from horizontal to vertical.
• How to blur the background of a perfect portrait photos in 4 easy steps.
• How to apply the Rule of thirds to ensure beautifully balanced photos.
• Where to leave the correct amount of space in your photos.
• How to draw your viewers’ eyes into your photos with the help of leading lines.
• How to compose striking images by changing your angle.
• 5 simple steps to perfect composition!

How to become a more Creative photographer:

• How to use reflections in your photos.
• What a natural frame is and how to find and use it in your images.
• How to incorporate different complimentary colours in your photos.
• How to use repetition effectively in your photos.
• How to highlight the size of something by incorporating and element of scale, and finally,
• How to tell a story with your photos.
3.40pm Questions
4.00pm Summery

4.30pm Close

Rory Lewis Photography Workshops Feedback Sept-Nov 2016

The past two months have been exceptionally busy, teaching my Portrait Masterclasses and One-to-One Workshops across the UK London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Birmingham and Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. It’s been a real pleasure to teach and pass on my knowledge of lighting, model direction, and business techniques to aspiring photographers as well as professional photographers. Many have been kind to leave me reviews and feedback below. My 2017 Workshops are now online, next year I’ll be holding workshops across the UK, USA, Europe and the Middle East Click here to View.

One-to-One Portrait Tuition Celebrity Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

One-to-One Portrait Tuition Celebrity Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis


 Ed Flanagan VIA

“The Master Class was not only practical and entertaining, but Rory was generous with his huge knowledge and insight built up from his study of the Great Masters in painting and their techniques for lighting and mood translated into very practical steps gained through shooting world leaders in industry, government and the arts and entrainment. All wrapped and packed into hands-on experience to facilitate the learning with and emphasis on minimum of equipment and the maximum of thought and direction.”

London Portrait Masterclass Rory Lewis Photography School Tuition

London Portrait Masterclass Rory Lewis Photography School Tuition

“This Master Class is a game changer for me, in my pursuit of offering my client the highest quality service possible, and I can not wait to pass on the benefits and insights I have learned from Rory’s Master Class, in the images I take going forward.”

“For anyone who is committed to raising their game to that of the Great Masters, get the insights and inspiration and learn and practice the techniques and most of all learn and practice giving direction to your seater to get the very best image possible – this is the Master Class to take.

London Portrait Masterclass Rory Lewis Photography School Tuition

London Portrait Masterclass Rory Lewis Photography School Tuition

Peter Jones VIA

“I attended Rory’s Low Key Portraits course in London and was very impressed with the day. I’m delighted with the knowledge and skills I came away with.”

“To start the day, Rory gave a brief historical introduction to artists’ painting styles, how they translated to photography, and what we had to do to get great portraits.”

London Portrait Masterclass Rory Lewis Photography School Tuition

London Portrait Masterclass Rory Lewis Photography School Tuition

“Our model arrived, and the rest of the day consisted of setting up many different lighting styles using a variety of modifiers, reflectors and backgrounds. We were shown how to meter the lights and direct the shoot.”

“The portraits I came away with were easily the best studio shots I’ve ever taken, and I’ll definitely be using these techniques for my portraits from now on.”

“Rory was interesting, knowledgeable and friendly – and we were lucky to have a model who was relaxed and helpful as well as looking fantastic in our photos.”



July – August 2015 Photography Workshops Reviews & Feedback

Thank you to everyone who attended my recent photography workshops with the Calumet Academy, and for your feedback and comments. Throughout 2015, I have taught a diverse programme of portraiture photography workshops, and my 2015-16 courses are now available to book with limited places. I also teach One-to-One Photography workshops throughout the UK, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh.


Portrait Photography Workshop Manchester 8th August 2015

Manchester Photography Workshop

“Attended Rory’s Intermediate Portrait course at Calumet Manchester Aug 2015. Rory started the day with a brief review of how portraiture has developed through painters (think Holbein, Henry VIII and power) through to David Bailey. Provided you can handle a camera don’t be put off by ‘intermediate’. Everything else is explained fully (flash setup, including measuring with light meter, and positioning). Various one and two light setups are tried with opportunities to take images with each one. If you don’t come away with some good images for your portfolio and a good understanding of taking portraits then you have failed to ask questions, because the event is informal and people are encouraged to participate.”


Source Google+


Intermediate Portrait Photography Workshop Edinburgh 12th August 2015

London  Photography Workshop

“Portraiture and Studio Lighting – the mysteries revealed”

“I can thoroughly recommend Rory’s intermediate portraiture course. I attended the course in August 2015 and found it extremely educational. As well as looking at the history, and artistic aspects of portraiture we were given a thorough grounding in studio lighting techniques which was invaluable. The importance of directing the model was emphasised throughout and we had numerous opportunities to practice this particular aspect. My only regret is that I now feel the need to go out and buy myself a studio lighting set-up!”



“A good explanation of portraiture and lighting”

Attended August 2015. Although billed as intermediate it is not difficult to keep pace with Rory’s excellent explanation of portraiture, provided you know how to handle your camera. Rory starts with basic lighting setups, progressing to two light combinations with a variety of backgrounds and creating a spectrum of moods. The atmosphere is informal, there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and Rory’s initial review of portraiture through the ages (e.g. Holbein’s flattery of Henry VIII) sets the scene for a very worthwhile day. If you don’t come away with some images that you want to keep, and more confidence in your own ability to photograph portraits then you must be reluctant to ask questions.




“Portraiture Beginners Workshop”

IMG_0405“This was a thoroughly informative and enjoyable session. Rory initially put everyone at their ease doing introductions for himself, the participants and the model. The venue was good for the studio environment required with all the necessary equipment and accessories which were explained to the participants over the course of the session. Rory gave a theoretical overview of portraiture outlining the different types which are used by photographers before leading in to the practical side of the session. Over the course of the day Rory set up different lighting set ups and encouraged the participants to try out the types of portraiture which he had explained. The really informal way Rory conducted the session helped people to feel comfortable enough to engage with the model and give the correct directional instructions to get good poses. This was an excellent sessions which I would have no hesitation in recommending to others. Communication before and after the session has been excellent. Thanks also to Calumet for organising this.”



Laptop Product Photography

Recently Commissioned by a Linux Laptop Design company to Photograph their latest product at the Liverpool Studio. If you are in need of a product photographer, please keep me in mind, no job is too big or too small, competitive rates and excellent quick turnaround service.


Laptop Product Photographer Rory Lewis Photographer, Photography , Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, London

Laptop Product Photographer Rory Lewis Photographer, Photography , Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, London
Laptop Product Photographer Rory Lewis Photographer, Photography , Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, LondonLaptop Product Photographer Rory Lewis Photographer, Photography , Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, London

Photography Courses Feedback

Over the past few weeks, I have been teaching a great deal of courses and one-to-one tuition across the UK, from portraiture to fine art nude photography. Course delegates have been very kind to leave reviews and feedback via Google Reviews please take a look at their testimonials below.


David Gray

Glasgow Portraiture Photography Course Rory Lewis PhotographerI met Rory today at the Calumet Academy in Glasgow for an Intermediate Portraiture Training Event. I had an absolutely wonderful day; Rory is a chatty, well informed guy with heaps of knowledge and tips that he’s happy to share. His tuition is completely focused on the subject matter and he ably covered the lighting, posing and exposure topics that I wanted to clear up. The model for the day, Mariel, was lovely, helpful and above all, very patient. My sincere thanks to Rory and Mariel for making this a good day to remember. Recommended without hesitation. (Saturday 28th March 2015)


Ian Vincent

Today I had the pleasure of attending his workshop in Portraiture in Glasgow and it was everything I needed and more. The seminar was relaxed and lose and the model was lovely. As someone who is making his way in the photography world Rory cleared up a lot of questions I had, with using flash for portraiture and would highly recommend his workshops and future tutorials to anyone. (Saturday 28th March 2015)

Kelly Willoughby

It was a brilliant experience to learn from such a talented photographer as Rory. The tuition was really good. The presentation was a great start talking through inspiration etc and the model was friendly. I had a great time and learnt so much 😀 thanks Rory! (Wednesday 1st April 2015)

Greg Miller

I recently attended a One to One tuition session with Rory Lewis and model Portia Victoria in Liverpool. After an introductory presentation we quickly moved on to practical examples. Several different lighting set ups were used through the day, using a light meter to set them correctly was also covered. Priority was given to actually putting the theories into practice and taking pictures. Everything was explained clearly and Rory is on hand to answer questions as the session goes on. I am familiar with DSLR photography but this was a totally new experience for me and I admit I was quite apprehensive before the session. However I found the day had a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, thanks must go to Rory and our superb (and very patient) model for the day, Portia Victora. The presentation mentioned earlier was also available as a PDF to refer back to afterwards. Plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits available too. I would recommend anyone considering such a session to go ahead and book. (Tuesday 17th March 2015)

Review Source Google



Portraiture Lighting Techniques

Often I receive emails from photographers asking about portraiture lighting techniques especially from celebrity portrait sittings. I have put together a simple helpful guide to portraiture with equipment recommendations, lighting diagrams and the kit used for each setup.


Choosing the right equipment for your photoshoots can make your life much easier. For myself portability is key, with more than half of my Portrait Sittings taking place on location, at clients offices or in their homes. Collapsable and easy to carry equipment is essential for my work. Lastolite supply a wonderful selection of Collapsable/Reversible Backdrops. For the portrait photographer on the move they are an ideal solution, folding down to a manageable size.

Sir Patrick Stewart Rory Lewis

Looking at Lenses I prefer fixed prime’s for all my portraiture. Prime Lenses for DSLR Camera’s are highly affordable, at the beginning of my career I started with a 50mm F1.8 Nikon Lens. Costing just over £100 you can create wonderful results, canon’s equivalent 50mm F1.8 Canon Lens is only £99.89. Nowadays I shoot Medium Format, opting for the Mamiya 80mm f/2.8 D or the Hasselblad 100mm F2.2


Lighting wise you have many options from Bowens, to Neewer, Elinchrom, Lastolite and Profoto. I myself prefer Profoto for their durability; as a professional photographer on the move, I have found the more lower end lighting less durable, needing regular repairs and maintenance.


A good light meter is essential, you will be surprised, I have taught a great deal of budding photographers in my workshops, and many have never used a light meter. I recommend the Sekonic L-308S, its simple to use and will ensure accuracy in your metering.


For beginner portrait photographers learning a simple one light setup is essential. Rembrandt lighting can help you achieve professional quality portraits with a minimal amount of equipment. Named for the artist Rembrandt who used the lighting method in his paintings, Rembrandt lighting is a style of studio lighting in which the subjects face is well lit on one side with only a small triangle of light appearing on the opposite cheek, as you can see in the photograph below.

Portrait Lighting Diagrams One Light Setup Rory Lewis Photographer

Camera Settings F6.3, ISO 100

Equipment List


Creating dramatic portraits can be achieved with the below two light setup, I prefer silver or Deep Silver Umbrella’s for their sharpness. Using a Black Foam/Poly Board to add contrast and help sculpt the detail and character of the face.

Celebrity Portrait Lighting Setup Patrick Stewart Rory Lewis Photographer

Camera Settings F7.1, ISO 200

Equipment List


Making an adjustment to the above setup, you can backlight your subject separating them form the backdrop. Using lastolite’s Wyoming backdrop really makes the subject stand out.

Celebrity Portrait Lighting Setup Patrick Stewart Rory Lewis Photographer

Camera Settings F6.3, ISO 200

Equipment List


I hope these setups, help you to create some wonderful portraiture. If you are interested in my workshops, I have a full programme of Portraiture Workshops throughout 2015. All courses are practical tuition sessions giving you plenty of time to learn hands on the skills taught. Enabling you to work with professional models on the day and capture amazing photography for your portfolio.

Fridges/White Goods Product Photography

This week I have just completed an assignment shooting American Style Fridge Freezers & Wine Coolers. It was quite a challenge to shoot the items, being large and cumbersome. However, it was well worth the effort the products look sleek, sexy and shiny, the client is very happy with the images, and i’m looking forward to more appliance photoshoots.


If you are in need of Product Photography, please keep me in mind. No Product is Too Small or Too Big, from Jewellery to Pack Shots & White Goods. I have the use of studio facilities in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow & London, or I can visit your warehouse, shop or workspace with my portable equipment.

 (Rory Lewis) (Rory Lewis)

Art Nude Portfolio Update

During a One-to-One Art Nude Photography Course in Manchester, I managed to take 15 minutes at the end of the session, to photograph a set of images of the Course Model Raphaella.


One of my Strengths a photographer is Direction, next to lighting it is so Important to Direct your model. Developing ideas and creating interesting shapes, looks and emotions.


I wanted to go for a Vamp/Frustrated Theme and from a short session the images look amazing!

 (Rory Lewis)

 (Rory Lewis)

 (Rory Lewis)

 (Rory Lewis)

 (Rory Lewis)

 (Rory Lewis)

Star Wars Casting Actors Headshots

Actress Georgette, arranged a last minute Actors Headshots session in Liverpool, as she was attending the Star Wars Castings in Glasgow. Being able to offer quick turnaround on the session Georgette received her actors headshots the following day.


A few days after the session Georgette contacted me with some wonderful news, she had been successful at the auditions!


I wish her all the best and look forward to seeing Georgette in the upcoming Star Wars Film. You can read Georgette’s Review of the Session Below. It only emphasises the importance of Good Actors Headshots!


Georgette’s Review (

Liverpool Actors Headshots“Booked a session to have updated Headshots done with Rory for upcoming Star Wars auditions. It was rather short notice as I needed them done before the next weekend, but Rory gave up his day off to fit me in the next day! I hadn’t had Headshots done for a long while so was a bit nervous at the start, but Rory was friendly and chatty from the beginning and immediately put me at ease. He was very professional throughout the shoot and gave clear instruction regarding what I should do during the shoot. Rory was extremely helpful in helping me select clothing for the shoot and we did a number of clothing, hairstyling and makeup changes throughout. I opted to not have a makeup artist present as wanted natural makeup free photos but also had photos taken with me in makeup I’d applied myself. After the shoot the photos were with me in a couple of hours! What a turn around time! The Star Wars audition day came and my professional headshot stood out a mile amongst the others – I made it through the initial audition and got to have an interview with the casting directors the same day. A headshot really does make or break your chances in the industry and I can’t recommend Rory highly enough in producing high quality professional photos with a quick turnaround time and good value for money!”