Paul Eiding & Colleen Kelly-Eiding Actors Headshots Session Los Angeles

Paul Eiding and Colleen Kelly-Eiding, husband and wife are both extraordinary actors. Who arranged their headshot session at the West Hollywood studio. Working through several looks I photographed both Paul and Colleen in back to back sessions. It was enjoyable to work with them creating a varied portfolio of headshots. I wish them both the best with new castings and opportunities in 2019.

RORY LEWS BRITISH, Headshot Photographer to the Stars of Stage & Screen, Recommended by Backstage Casting. Based in Los Angeles (CA) able to shoot at studios in West Hollywood.


Los Angeles May 2017

Back in Los Angeles, to be specific the beautiful Hollywood Hills. Teaching a One-to-One Portrait Photography Workshop. One-to-One Courses are special. They can be tailored to your needs and requirements. Do you want to spend a day working with professional models in a London Studio working on your portrait photography technique? Or do you want to spend a week on Location in Los Angeles, shooting fashion models? My client in this case chose the latter, throughout the week, I arranged several published and diverse models. Teaching lighting, direction and photographic technique.

I was also able to fit in a few portrait sittings of my own. Caravaggio has been of great inspiration to my recent Portrait Photoshoots. Recreating the animation and religious tones of his work has been a challenge. Thus I invited three actors to help me recreate this style of portraiture. Firstly the remarkable film and stage presence Tony Amendola, who took upon the role of a fallen priest. Ripping the collar from his neck with a wonderful vigorous expression; captured profile, whilst reciting a powerful soliloquy to camera.

Tony Amendola Los Angeles Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Next René Auberjonois, took upon the role. With an instantly recognisable face which I believe becomes better and better with age. Star of stage and screen Auberjonois, has appeared in  M.A.S.H, Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Boston Legal to name but a few titles. René sat for me back in 2015, and with this new sitting in mind. I wanted to add Carravaggio’s animation of expression to the portrait. Auberjonois generated a depiction following my religious inspiration.

René Auberjonois Actor Portrait Rory Lewis Photographer Los Angeles

Finally Linda Park, I had been meaning to arrange a session with Linda for several months. A Korean actress, Linda is mainly known for her portrayal of communications officer character Hoshi Sato in the television series Star Trek: Enterprise. My visit enabled me to at last arrange a sitting. Linda is exceptionally talented, and the photoshoot enabled me to add a female actress interpretation to my Caravaggio inspired project.

Linda Park Actress, Portrait Rory Lewis Photographer Los Angeles

Sittings and Tuition completed, myself and my wife Sasha, where able to spend a few hard earned days relaxing at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. I’m returning to Los Angeles in September 2017 for a series of workshops on Portraiture and Fine Art Nude. I’ll also be holding Headshot and Portrait Sessions. Please don’t hesitistate to get in touch, commissions are welcome.

Suzanne Evans Portrait Commission (The Times)

With the imminent referendum on the European Union, I received a call from The London Times, commissioning a portrait of Brexit Spokesperson Suzanne Evans, former deputy leader of UKIP. The image to  appear in an article in the Saturday Edition of the Newspaper.


Political Portraiture is a challenging genre to capture. Using inventive scenarios and direction. I opted for a strong yet approachable portrait, which really captures Suzanne’s outgoing and strong beliefs and persona for the article.

Suzanne Evans, UKIP Brexit Portrait Rory Lewis Photographer (The Times London)

Suzanne Evans, UKIP Brexit Portrait Rory Lewis Photographer (The Times London)

Suzanne Evans, UKIP Suzanne Elizabeth Evans is an English journalist and politician, best known for being a past spokesperson for UK Independence Party, a political party from which she was suspended on 23 March 2016. (Rory Lewis)

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