Mark Brent London Actors Headhsots

Mark Brent is an actor who is going places, known for his roles in Dirtymoney, Scarlet Says and East Enders. Mark sought a quintessential portfolio of new headshots. Wanting to wow potential casting directors. Admiring my sittings with Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart. Mark arranged his Actors Headshots photoshoot at the London Studio.


Opting for Package Two which offers a two hour sitting, Mark had plenty of time to relax and enjoy the session. The package presents the actor with plenty of shooting time, clothing changes and different lighting setups. Make the Right Choice for Your Actors Headshots. Professional, Inventive, Expertly Directed, Relaxed Sessions. Rory Lewis Actors Headshots Photographer.

London Actors Headshots, Mark Brent Actor Rory Lewis London Actors Headshots Photographer

Mark Brent’s Google Review

“Rory Lewis’s actors headshot work is exceptional, interesting and captivating, he is way ahead of the game. Rory is fun and easy to work, the session was almost effortless and yet the results are magnificent. Mark Brent”

London Actors Headshots, Mark Brent Actor Rory Lewis London Actors Headshots Photographer

London Actors Headshots, Mark Brent Actor Rory Lewis London Actors Headshots Photographer

London Actors Headshots, Mark Brent Actor Rory Lewis London Actors Headshots Photographer

Jae’s Actors Headshots Leeds

Recent graduate Jae, arranged his first Actors Headshots session at the Leeds Studio last week. Opting for Package Two. Jay was able to relax and work with me for 2 hours to create his first portfolio of Actors Headshots. Jae was also gracious to leave me a review of his session below.

Review Centre Review 10/08/2017

“This was the first time I had my headshots done and Rory helped me get through them extremely comfortably. Directing me to get better results out of my headshots with each photo he took. Every step of the way he gave me extremely useful hints and tips in order to help me along and explained in great details what the industry is looking for in the headshots, along with giving me other useful tips on the industry. Both before and after the shoot Rory was excellent at keeping in touch in order to keep me up to date in a professional manner. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a professional photographer.”


Why are Actors Headshots Preferred in Black & White?

For over 80 years the Black & White Headshot has been the Professional Actors Calling Card. I have always wanted to ask why Black and White has been so coveted as apposed to brighter colour photographs.


It’s worth noting that Spotlight does still print its directories in Black & White.”


Don’t get me wrong Black and White images carry subtle tones, but actors and performers seem to be living in a nostalgic world. From my research in writing this article the main reason Actors chose Black and White images over colour was price. Aspiring and even established actors have to count the cost of their headshot.

Brian Cox & Sir Derek Jacobi

Colour Film in the mid 20th century was expensive to process, which meant for decades aspiring actors would choose Black and White. Over several decades Black and White became the standard for actors. In the modern world of castings Black White Images sometimes look dated, times are changing and I believe actors should choose to present their images in colour.


Colour images stand out from Black and White images and in the highly competitive world of Acting I would recommend Actors think about how they want to present themselves.  Its worth considering amongst a pile of Black & White images a colour image really stands out.

Actors Headshots Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds

Colour film has been widely available for over sixty years, and over the past two decades the medium of digital photography has made the process of producing colour images less expensive.


“Be daring, be different, be impractical; be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary. ” Cecil Beaton

“In 2013 Spotlight members uploaded 94,176 new portfolio images”

Actors Headshots Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds

 Actors Headshots Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds

Colour is now becoming industry the standard; and in all of My Packages I present your final images in Both Colour and Black & White. So you can have the best of both worlds and at no extra cost giving you the edge when it comes to casting!


If you are interested in booking an Actors Headshot Session please Get in Touch. Sessions are available throughout the UK in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, and London.