Craig Fitness/Model Portfolio

Ex-Solider Craig has been told by many people he should be a model. Craig scoured the internet and found my website booking a model/fitness portfolio session at the Liverpool Studio this week. It was wonderful to meet and work with Craig.


Unsure of the whole process, I helped him step by step through the photoshoot, directing him in poses etc. I’m sure Craig will have a great career as a male model. If you are looking for a model portfolio or are interested in a career in modelling please get in touch, I have a number of suitable packages.

 (Rory Lewis)

 (Rory Lewis)


Liverpool & Manchester Becoming Model

As a Professional Photographer of over 10 years experience, working with countless models I receive a great deal of calls and emails from budding models asking for advice on how to become a model, and I thought I would write a handy guide.


Kate Moss, Naomi CampbellCara Delevingne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: looking from the outside in. A models life seems like a breeze, flying around the world, wearing amazing clothes and getting well paid.


However, the reality is very different, modelling is one of the most difficult career choices a person can make and models are among the hardest working people in the world.

 (Rory Lewis)

To be a model you must be a confident person, you have be at ease in front of the camera. Models must be perfect actors, to pose, create distinct looks, you must perform on demand creating a range of emotions and characters.


Their are 22 types of modelling  from fashion to commercial, lifestyle, glamour and swimwear. Knowing which types of modelling you are suited is the key to success.


You may be suited to several areas, or you may be suited to just one. If you are interested in finding out which areas of modelling you are suitable for please Email Me. (Rory Lewis)

A modelling career, isn’t just going to fall into your lap, you must be professional, patient and pleasant to work with, shoots can last hours, even weeks and no one likes a diva.


You must be able to take rejection and constructive criticism, you won’t be right for every job, in many cases you can attend 20 or 30 job castings and only succeed with 1 or 2 jobs.


Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle, eating the right food and looking after your body and skin is very important, your body is your most important asset.

 (Rory Lewis)

Getting Started as a model can be very confusing their are a great deal of Sharks Swimming in the Waters of the Modelling World. Out to Bite you with schemes to take your money.


Knowing how to navigate the Waters is critical. With a decade of experience I am here to help, based in Liverpool and being able to offer My Package also in Manchester & Leeds.


Knowing which agencies to apply for and which casting websites to list your portfolio is very important. Joining the wrong agency can be disastrous costing you money and your career.


The most elite model agencies are the agencies that belong to the Association of Model Agents (AMA). The AMA is a self-governing group of agents that have set their own standard of requirements for those belonging to it.


Images are critical, if you don’t have the right images you won’t get work. Many companies offer portfolio services, and a great deal produce over airbrushed, unsuitably posed and styled images that casting agents and model agencies find unusable. Which will cost you more money to produce more images.

 (Rory Lewis)

Speaking with many models over the years a great deal have come to me for Model Portfolios after having a costly photoshoot with a makeover studio, to find the images they have paid hundreds of pounds for are rejected.


If you look at models pictures, those models that don’t have a professional portfolio find it hard to get work. A Great model portfolio is your key to getting noticed in the highly competitive world of modelling.


Your model portfolio is many times the first contact a potential client or agency has with you. This means that your portfolio images are extremely important to your modelling career.


When you Book a Portfolio with Rory Lewis Photographer my service does not stop with just producing your portfolio. I can also help point you in the right direction with model agencies and the next steps to take, once your model portfolio is created. Offering tips and helpful advice to give you the best start in your modelling career.