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Brent-Spiner6Many may not know, that despite living in my home town of Liverpool and having my studio in the city, I work both Nationally and Internationally. Actor Brent Spiner, who best known for his portrayal of the android Lieutenant Commander Data in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sat for a portrait session in Los Angeles last month. It was wonderful to meet Brent, he is a very talented actor. I recently had chance to watch ‘Out at Sea‘ staring Spiner as the Cruise Director Gil Godwyn, I recommend you take a look. The session lasted around an hour and we worked through several looks, I directed Brent to assume expressive poses, both pensive and thought provoking. Brent is a natural in front of the camera, and in such a short time we created some wonderful portraits.


All portraits where photographed with the Mamiya Leaf Credo 40Mamiya Sekor Af 110mm F2.8 Ls D Lensthe best Fixed Prime Portrait Lens I’ve ever used. I’m looking forward to returning to Los Angeles, where I will be holding two Portrait Photography Courses in Studio City June 2015.


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 (Rory Lewis) (Rory Lewis)

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Jewellery Product Photography

Just returning from Los Angeles a client contacted me to arrange a last minute Jewellery Product Photoshoot at the Liverpool Studio. Photographing over 50 items, I captured some stunning shots of all the pieces, delivering them in a 24 hour turn around.

Jewellrey Product Photography Liverpool, Manchester, London, UK, USA, NYC, LAIMG_0849 copy

Philip Hitchcock Magician Talent Photoshoot

Talent Photoshoots, Liverpool, Manchester, London, UK, USA, LA, NYCMagician Philip Hitchcock booked a Talent Photoshoot at the Liverpool Studio this week. Philip was in need of a drastic update of his portfolio, his last photoshoot being several years ago. Philip wanted his famous ‘light bulb trick’ to be highlighted in his images, and using lighting and direction we captured some wonderful shots, adding a little photoshop wizardry.  If you are a Magician, or any other talent, please get in touch, with affordable packages to suit all needs no Job is too big or too small.

Talent Photoshoots, Liverpool, Manchester, London, UK, USA, LA, NYC

Talent Photoshoots, Liverpool, Manchester, London, UK, USA, LA, NYC