James Swanton Actors Headshots Session Leeds

February and March have been incredibly busy months. On a very blistery cold day in Leeds actor James Swanton arranged a much needed update of his actors headshots. Predominately a stage actor who is often casted in period drama’s and horror roles. James wanted to expand is horizons with a new portfolio of portraits to help him attain a more diverse casting profile. A fan of my portrait sitting with actor Julian Bleach, James wanted me to use a similar style of lighting and direction.


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Actors James Swanton Leeds Actors Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis

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Rory created some miraculously detailed portraits to match a very specific brief. His eye for atmospheric light and shadow – part Rembrandt, part Expressionism – means that his headshots are works of theatre in miniature. Highly recommended.

Actors James Swanton Leeds Actors Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis

Actors James Swanton Leeds Actors Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach Portrait

Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer Air-Chief-Marshal-Sir-Stuart-CF008970Headshots-SessionSir Stuart Peach is a veteran soldier who has amassed a staggering 38 years of service in the Royal Air Force, earning the rank Air Chief Marshal. Even though I’m a professional photographer, I will forever be a historian in my heart. Over the years, I have managed to hone my skills and discovered how to marry my passion with my profession. So when I am tasked with private portrait sittings for politicians, military figures and others of significant standing, I tend to look back in time towards historical portraiture for inspiration. Drawing on the work of Holbein, Dürer, da Vinci and Gros, as well as portrait photographers such as Karsh, I always hope to produce a frame worthy of documenting. In short, I hope that future historians will one day use my work as a source to discover the personality and soul of each sitter.


Air-Chief-Marshal-Sir-Stuart-CF008962Headshots-SessionMy sitting with Sir Stuart was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create the perfect military portrait. Bathed in the illustrious history of Whitehall, we conducted the session in the MOD Building – a perfect location to capture the experience, rank and authority of the subject. Employing direct eye contact with the lens, full military garb and a solemn posture, the frame urges the viewer to look into his eyes, demanding the utmost respect his title dictates. Images where taken with the Mamiya Leaf Credo 40 and 80mm f/2.8 LS D Lens.