Leeds Discounted Actors Headshot Sessions With Celebrity Photographer Rory Lewis Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Iain Glen Rory Lewis Photographer (Actors Headshots London)

”In need of a new Headshot? Photographer Rory Lewis will be holding a discounted Introductory Actors Headshot Session in LEEDS. Rory has created Actors Headshots for the finest Acting Talent. Stars of Stage and Screen from Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Derek Jacobi, David Warner, Natalie Dormer, Iain Glen, Julian Glover and the list goes on”

Natalie Dormer & Emma Rigby Rory Lewis London Headshots Actress Actors Photographer

Clay Bunker Actors Headshots Los Angeles Rory Lewis Photographer

“Rory has developed his own unique style of working with actors ensuring their photographic headshot experience is an enjoyable; relaxed session; to create the very best in Headshots.”

Fiona Lakeland Leeds Actors Headshots

Sir Patrick Stewart Leeds Actors Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis

For some actors having their photo taken can be extremely nerve-racking experience after all stills photography is an unnatural concept for actors who as used to moving on stage and screen. For others it’s not such an ordeal. Make the Right Choice for Your Actors Headshots. Professional, Inventive, Expertly Directed, Relaxed Sessions. Rory Lewis Actors Headshots Photographer.


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Introductory Package £109.00



Leeds Discounted Headshots Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Sessions will run from 09.30am-6.00pm


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Brussels Street Studio
3 Bowling Green Terrace
LS11 9SP Leeds
United Kingdom


30 Minute Session with Rory Lewis

150 Images Presented VIA Digital Gallery

1 Image Retouched

(Time Slots Available from 10am – 6.30pm)

BOOK YOUR SLOT BELOW (Conformation Ticket Sent Upon Booking)

50% Payment Taken to Secure Your Booking. Final Payment due on the day of your session. 

Can’t See Ticket Form Below Click Here to Book Via Eventbrite

I shoot in colour and convert into black and white you receive both colour and black and white copies of your retouched images. You will receive your contact sheets on-line via your own private web page within 24 hours.

Once you have chosen your two photos I will re-touch and crop them for you and changes can be made before you receive your final photos.

Steven Cole & Craig Charles Actors Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis

With regards to airbrushing, I feel this is a very important area as too much can spoil a photo, this is why I spend a great deal of time working on your photos and like to include you in this process via email or your private page so please make sure you pick the right photos.

You will receive all final photos by via your private page.

Professional Headshots Henry VIII & Napoleon Knew The Importance of Image

Actors, Authors, SoldiersMusicians, Opera Singers, Professionals, DoctorsCEO’S, Directors you all need a good headshot, a single image to convey your complexities, personality and professionalism.

Ask yourself does your Headshot/Portrait Tell your Story?”

“A picture shows me at a glance what it takes dozens of pages of a book to expound.” Ivan Turgenev


Los Angeles Military Portrait Photographer (Army, Navy, Airforce) Portrait Photography

With the growth of Social Media, our online appearance can be just as important; possibly in a modern context even more important than our personal appearance.

Sonya Balmores LA Actors Headshots (Rory Lewis Photographer)

Here a few historical examples for you. Henry VIII, knew the importance of his professional Appearance. When we think of Henry VIII we think of a gigantic, defiant bull like figure. In reality this wasn’t true, it was an image created by the Artist Hans Holbein in 1537.

Henry VIII Napoleon

Likewise Napoleon from the Beginning of his career appreciated the importance of imposing his image upon the world through the best artists available.


“A Picture is worth a Thousand Words” (Napoleon)”

David Cameron Portrait Sitting, Rory Lewis Portrait Photographer London

So why should we think any different to Henry VIII& Napoleon. If they had Social Media how would they represent themselves to the public?


Posting amateur images of yourself taken from a night out on your Linkedin Profile won’t make you look serious to potential employers and clients. Nor represent you as a giant in your profession.

Your image must reflect your attention to detail and professionalism. You only get one chance to make a good impression. Good Head Shots immediately convey that you are serious and focused.

Captain Buddhi Bhandari British Army Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

I have developed my own unique style of working with headshot clients ensuring their photographic headshot experience is an enjoyable; relaxed session to create the best image for your profile.

With Over 14 Years Experience and using direction and inventive ‘scenarios, I can easily encourage you to express yourself, creating natural, approachable headshots that get you noticed. Don’t let your image suffer; become a PROFESSIONAL GIANT! I have a number of Affordable Packages, available in London and Los Angeles.


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Powerful Actors Headshots Liverpool, Leeds, London Photographer Rory Lewis

Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, London

Whether you’re an Actor or Actress based in London, Liverpool or Leeds. Rory Lewis Photographer can provide a unique service. Capturing dynamic and powerful Actors Headshots. Headshots which enable you to stand out from the crowd and gain the interest of agencies and casting directors. 

Don’t choose a provincial photographer with little or no experience. Choose a photographer who has worked with the stars of stage and screen in London, New York, and Los Angeles. A photographer whose headshots represent some of the biggest names of stage and screen. Sir Patrick Stewart, to Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Derek Jacobi, Natalie Dormer, Iain Glen, Ian McShane, William Shatner and many more. 

Iain Glen Actors Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis

Capturing the perfect headshot requires time, and when you book a session with Rory Lewis you will enjoy a  relaxed service. A professional photographer should also be a skilled director. On the day of your session, Rory will direct you with inventive scenarios to bring out your acting talent. In other words acting to camera, as to show potential agents your energy, your vibe and your ability as an Actor. 

Toby Jones Rory Lewis London Headshots Actress Actors Photographer

Rory’s recent  session with Actor Julian Bleach, star of the Borgias and Doctor Who, illustrates how talent and acting ability can be conveyed. Julian’s appearance is retained, very little air-brushing is applied. This is very important if you wish to present your image to casting directors. The expression is distant yet aloof, it has energy, it draws the eye, this is what your headshot needs to evoke. 

Your headshot is your first point of contact with any agency or casting director. If it doesn’t stand out; if it doesn’t have the energy; the raw talent which demonstrates your craft. Your headshot won’t work for you. Headshots are a very big investment to an actor, sessions are expensive. You need to make your headshot work for you. It represents you and your character your style, your talent and it must reflect all these things. 

Logan McPeak LA Headshots Rory Lewis Photographer

Most of Rory’s headshot sessions with Celebrities last 15-20 minutes, this is all the time he is allotted to capture the stars of stage and screen. In this time Rory has to think fast, breaking the ice and directing these talented actors to capture the headshot which will represent them for the next 12 months to – 2 years. Just think about what Rory can do for you in 1 hour, creating a powerful headshot which will enable you to stand out from the crowd.

Look at Rory’s session with Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Patrick’s striking and undeniable acting ability is presented to the lens. Sharp and solemn expressions hold the viewer. If your image doesn’t inspire the viewer, provoke the imagination, it won’t stand out it will be viewed for a split second without consideration. 


It is time to think about your headshot photographer, don’t settle for the cheap, shabby, and quick passport-like photo service, which inexperienced photographers may offer. Select the finest Actors Headshot photographer available. 



James Swanton Actors Headshots Session Leeds

February and March have been incredibly busy months. On a very blistery cold day in Leeds actor James Swanton arranged a much needed update of his actors headshots. Predominately a stage actor who is often casted in period drama’s and horror roles. James wanted to expand is horizons with a new portfolio of portraits to help him attain a more diverse casting profile. A fan of my portrait sitting with actor Julian Bleach, James wanted me to use a similar style of lighting and direction.


If you are an actor in need of a new body of headshots. Rory Lewis has two quintessential packages on offer available several times a month in Leeds, Liverpool and London. Make the Right Choice for Your Actors Headshots. Professional, Inventive, Expertly Directed, Relaxed Sessions. Rory Lewis Actors Headshots Photographer.

Actors James Swanton Leeds Actors Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis

James Swanton Review Via Google Reviews

Rory created some miraculously detailed portraits to match a very specific brief. His eye for atmospheric light and shadow – part Rembrandt, part Expressionism – means that his headshots are works of theatre in miniature. Highly recommended.

Actors James Swanton Leeds Actors Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis

Actors James Swanton Leeds Actors Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis

Cameron Tricker Actors Headshots

Actor Cameron Tricker, arranged his first body of Actors Headshots at the Liverpool Studio. Opting for Package One, Cameron enjoyed a one hour Actors Headshots photoshoot, with 3 lighting and clothing changes, allowing for a variation of expressions, and poses.


Cameron’s Google Review


“Rory provided a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere for the session to take place in, which made it a breeze. The photo’s were brilliant as well, and for a fair price.”

Mark Brent London Actors Headhsots

Mark Brent is an actor who is going places, known for his roles in Dirtymoney, Scarlet Says and East Enders. Mark sought a quintessential portfolio of new headshots. Wanting to wow potential casting directors. Admiring my sittings with Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart. Mark arranged his Actors Headshots photoshoot at the London Studio.


Opting for Package Two which offers a two hour sitting, Mark had plenty of time to relax and enjoy the session. The package presents the actor with plenty of shooting time, clothing changes and different lighting setups. Make the Right Choice for Your Actors Headshots. Professional, Inventive, Expertly Directed, Relaxed Sessions. Rory Lewis Actors Headshots Photographer.

London Actors Headshots, Mark Brent Actor Rory Lewis London Actors Headshots Photographer

Mark Brent’s Google Review

“Rory Lewis’s actors headshot work is exceptional, interesting and captivating, he is way ahead of the game. Rory is fun and easy to work, the session was almost effortless and yet the results are magnificent. Mark Brent”

London Actors Headshots, Mark Brent Actor Rory Lewis London Actors Headshots Photographer

London Actors Headshots, Mark Brent Actor Rory Lewis London Actors Headshots Photographer

London Actors Headshots, Mark Brent Actor Rory Lewis London Actors Headshots Photographer

General Sir Nick Carter, KCB, CBE, DSO, ADC Portrait Sitting

My latest Portrait commission from the British Army took place with General Sir Nick Carter, KCB, CBE, DSO, ADC Chief of the General Staff. The General was in need of a portrait to be placed on the wall of former army leaders. The sitting was indeed very historical as the portrait will be viewed by the General’s successors for many years to come. My aim was to capture the General, as the man he is, a leader, no vanity, no pomp of the dress uniform, tall and proud. I’m looking forward to seeing how the portrait is received.

General Sir Nicholas Carter, KCB, CBE, DSO, ADC Military Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Keith Webster Corporate Headshots London

London Corporate Headshots, Keith Webster Lawyer, Photographer Rory Lewis

Delighted to work with Barrister Keith Webster who booked his Corporate Headshots photoshoot at the London Studio. Keith Knowing that first impressions will always be important arranged a session to capture multiple business portraits. Which is very important especially now many of our initial interactions are online.

London Corporate Headshots, Keith Webster Lawyer, Photographer Rory Lewis

A professional business photograph is an opportunity to portray a brand image to potential customers, who aren’t just researching ‘what’ you do. They are just as interested in ‘who’ you are. If you would like to booking a Corporate Headshots session, please check out my packages.



Military Portrait Sittings

Christmas is on the horizon and I’ve received several calls and emails from Armed Forces Personnel and their families, asking if I offer Military Portrait Sittings. The answer is of course yes. Ever since my Soldiery British Army Portraits Exhibition. I’ve worked with members of the British Army for over two years capturing portraits for a Nationwide Exhibition. My unique style of portraiture is highly sought after by members of all three services, The Royal Navy, Royal Airforce and the British Army and I’m offering a wonderful Portrait Photoshoot Gift Voucher. Available in at my studio in Central London and across studios the UK in Leeds, Liverpool and Edinburgh.

£264.00 (Including Framed & Mounted
Print) Portrait Sitting

  • Two Uniform Changes 

  • 250 Images Presented VIA Digital Download

  • Two Fully Retouched Portraits Presented Digitally

  • ONE Portrait PrintedProfessionally Framed and Mounted A3 Size

(Full Booking Details Sent With Gift Voucher)

Based in London Rory Lewis is the UK’s foremost Military Portraitist Photographer, who is regularly commissioned to photograph high profile Military Officers for all three branches of the Military Army, RAF & Royal Navy. Portraits are very important to military personal, to be captured in Uniform looking ones best and in full finery can fill one with pride for the service. Rory Lewis Photographer offers a comprehensive service to Members of the Armed Forces, RAF, Royal Navy and Army who are looking to capture a professional portrait. Available at studios in Central London, Edinburgh and in Central Liverpool.

There are currently nine regular cavalry regiments of the British Army, of these two serve as armoured regiments, three as armoured cavalry regiments, three as light cavalry and one as a mounted ceremonial regiment. Soldiery has given me the opportunity to work with seven of these nine Regiments.

Portraiture is Rory’s speciality, he is just as comfortable working with High Ranking Officers as I am with NCO’s and Enlisted Personnel, and you will find my friendly and professional approach helps put even the most photo-phobic at ease.

Beginners Photography Tuition Gift Vouchers

Beginners Photography Tuition Gift Vouchers

Rory Lewis Session with Sir Patrick Stewart

Thinking of purchasing a Digital Camera for a loved one this Christmas. Celebrity Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis offers One-to-One Beginners Digital Photography Courses Gift Vouchers are perfect Christmas presents.

Rory’s fun, creative and inspiring digital photography courses will explain the science and art of photography from the ground up with almost constant hands-on activities to start to put the theory into practice.

Sir Patrick Stewart Rory Lewis Photographer

Taught One-to-One these Four Hour intensive workshops will get you familiar with your camera and allow you to start taking real control over your photography.


Courses can take place in (London, Leeds, Manchester & Liverpool)

Sessions can be arranged throughout 2018 and are Valid until 1st January 2019


Courses Cover:

  • All the essential functions and engineering of camera body and lens.
  • How to control and combine all different camera functions creatively.
  • Best way to photograph people, objects and landscapes.
  • How to capture sport and action.
  • Inspiring overview of composition rules.
  • How to set-up, clean and troubleshoot a camera.



Professional Tuition:

Being taught by full-time professional photographer Rory Lewis, who has honed his skills over a 10-year career working with international clients such as Pepsi, and household names such as Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen and Many More.

How Rory Lewis Gift Vouchers Work:

To redeem a gift voucher its recipient simply contact Rory Lewis via Email or VIA Phone to arrange your workshop. We will send a welcome reply email with booking confirmation, course outline and directions to the studios.