Major General Tim Robinson Portrait Sitting

London Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis Military PortraitRetiring from the Army senior military leader Major General Tim Robinson CBE, commissioned a portrait at Army Head quarters in Andover. With a military career spanning two decades, seeing active service and leading troops in Iraq, Bosnia and Northern Ireland. Faced with such a distinguished military sitter I directed the General to assume solemn and reflective poses; as to mirror his achievements and responsibilities. The General really enjoyed the experience and was fascinated by my lighting and directional methods.


Portraits are very important to military personal, to be captured in Uniform looking ones best and in full finery can fill one with pride for the service. I offer a compressive service to Members of the Armed Forces, RAFRoyal Navy and Army who are looking to capture a professional portrait. Available at studios in Central London and in Central Liverpool; or on Location.

 (Rory Lewis) (Rory Lewis)

H.E. Diego Gómez Pickering – KCVO Ambassador of Mexico

H.E. Diego Gómez Pickering – KCVO Ambassador of Mexico Rory Lewis Photographer LondonAmbassadors is a new project, driven by my passion for Historical Portraiture. The work will comprise of Ambassadors portraits from each political embassy in London. My first sitting took place in July with Ambassador of Mexico H.E. Diego Gómez Pickering. It was wonderful to meet the Ambassador himself a former journalist; capturing his portrait. It was interesting to learn that 2015 is the year of Mexico in the UK and their are great deal of events and exhibitions taking place. Mexico has been a country i’ve always wanted to visit and It was wonderful to learn some new facts about Mexico. I’ve already arranging portrait sittings with several more Ambassadors and I hope to complete the project in the next few weeks.

H.E. Diego Gómez Pickering – KCVO Ambassador of Mexico Rory Lewis Photographer London

 (Rory Lewis)

 (Rory Lewis)

Steven Berkoff Portrait Sitting

Steven Berkoff is an English actor who has also enjoyed prominent success as an author, playwright and theatre director. Often cast as the ‘big bad’ in his films, he has appeared in the likes of Rambo: First Blood Part II, Octopussy and as Adolf Hitler in the TV mini-series War and Remembrance. Recently, you may have spotted him alongside Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara in David Fincher’s version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Steven Berkoff Actor Portrait Photoshoot LondonArriving at Steven’s home in London I was a little apprehensive over what to expect. I’d heard rumours that he was difficult to work with, and his reputation as the go-to bad guy was beginning to put the fear of God up me. My nervousness was soon put to rest and it was an absolute treat to sit and work with this seasoned veteran. 

Steven Berkoff Actor Portrait Photoshoot London

Having spent time as a photographer himself, Steven took quite an interest in my work, and I his. He was full of well-informed input during the photoshoot which made the whole thing feel very collaborative. As each frame passed, I noticed that he was able to tell a different story with every pose. Flicking through the images was like reading a novel. Through the power of his expression alone, Steven constructed a beginning, middle and end to the session which was simply a joy to behold.


Images where taken with my medium format Mamiya 645DF, Leaf Credo 40 & 80mm f/2.8 LS D.

Mamiya Leaf Credo 40MP Digital Back Kit with 645DF+ & 80mm f/2.8 LS D Lens Kit Review

Mamiya Leaf Credo 40MP Digital Back Kit with 645DF+ Medium Format DSLR and 80mm f/2.8 LS D Lens ReviewMany believe the Medium Format camera is out of date. Something that has been passed over by the development of the Digital SLR. Especially with the price tag that Medium Format systems command; making serious professional photographers consider DSLR alternatives.  As a result pro’s have forgotten what medium format means and what medium format camera’s can do. They are by no means outdated, medium format camera’s have larger sensors, which means bigger pixels. The larger frame enables you to capture a more dramatically shallow depth of field than Digital SLR’s can produce; which is considered equal to film like quality. This is something to consider if you are a stickler for quality like myself.


At the start of 2015, it came time to upgrade my own camera system. As a serious pro, I spent countless hours looking for the ideal camera. This year I am embarking on a the largest portrait exhibition of my career. Featuring some of the worlds greatest actors and I needed to make the right decision. Weighing up all the options I settled on Medium Format.


Mamiya Leaf Credo 40MP Digital Back Kit with 645DF+ Medium Format DSLR and 80mm f/2.8 LS D Lens ReviewThe next question was affordability, some medium format digital camera’s cost nearly £25,000 without a lens! This was outside my budget; I began to think twice, but not loosing hope I found the Mamiya Leaf Credo 40 digital back with Mamiya 645DF camera and 80mm lens. Retailing at only £9999,00 (Calumet Photographic), the Leaf Credo is great value for money and an amazing quality product. Boasting a large CCD Sensor and 40 mega pixel resolution; a dynamic range of up to 14 f-stops providing brilliant detail, richness of colour, low noise and beautiful tonality.


Brent Spinner 01I’ve already begun my 2015 Portraiture Exhibition, and the results from the first portrait sitting with Actor Brent Spiner (Left) have been stunning. The Mamiya Leaf Credo 40 delivers uncompromising detail and a richness of colour. The difference in sensor size between DSLR and Medium Format is in my opinion very important for the “look & feel” of the image, but also for the resolution and overall sharpness. The smaller the sensor the more problems you will run into when placing a lot of pixels in that area, this will translate for example in diffraction (loss of detail on smaller apertures). The Leaf Credo 40 with its 40 mega pixel 43.9 x 32.9 mm CCD is larger than Canon’s 1DX (36 x 24 mm), it may not seem like much, but it does make a real difference when shooting in shallow depth of field conditions. Their is a lot less depth of field when shooting with a DSLR.

Closeup Detail Actor Brent Spinner ©Rory Lewis Photographer 2015. Mamiya Leaf Credo 40MP Digital Back Kit with 645DF+

Closeup Detail
Actor Brent Spinner ©Rory Lewis Photographer 2015.
Mamiya Leaf Credo 40MP Digital Back Kit with 645DF+

The 80mm F2.8 LS-D Kit Lens is extremely versatile, and complements the image quality, and the 645DF Camera body is sleek and easy to use.  In conclusion the Mamiya Leaf Credo 40 Digital back with Mamiya 645DF Camera and 80mm lens delivers, beautiful portraits, and I am looking forward to more stunning results from my portrait sittings.

Camera Specs

  • CCD size 43.9 x 32.9mm
  • Active pixels 7320 x 5484
  • Resolution 40MP
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Pixel size 6.0 micron
  • ISO sensitivity 50-800
  • Dynamic range 12.5 f-stops
  • Exposure time 1/10 000 – 60 seconds
  • Full resolution capture rate 1.2 frames / sec
  • Colour depth 16 bits (65 536 levels per channel)