Craig Fitness/Model Portfolio

Ex-Solider Craig has been told by many people he should be a model. Craig scoured the internet and found my website booking a model/fitness portfolio session at the Liverpool Studio this week. It was wonderful to meet and work with Craig.


Unsure of the whole process, I helped him step by step through the photoshoot, directing him in poses etc. I’m sure Craig will have a great career as a male model. If you are looking for a model portfolio or are interested in a career in modelling please get in touch, I have a number of suitable packages.

 (Rory Lewis)

 (Rory Lewis)


2014 Year in Review

The difference a year makes: Generals, Actors, Sports Personalities and Politicians. Photographing the essence of character.


Erica Kemp Lord Mayor Rory Lewis Portrait Photographer LondonPortraiture is now the name of my game: 2014 has certainly been an incredible journey of discovery and growth as well as artistic truth and relevance. I feel refreshed in my work and have enjoyed the wonderful success of the last 12 months, I’m looking forward to the ‘onwards and upwards’ both professionally and personally – these are exciting times for Rory Lewis Photography. Thank you to my wife, family and colleagues for their support as I’ve made these developments. The beauty of an artist is the ability to experiment and ‘play’. I have been more determined than ever to realise this – that through experimentation I can learn, and most importantly deliver at a higher level. In the continual bid to hone my own Unique Style I am continually refining my ideas, my inspiration and my direction. Beginning the year with a ‘make or break’ attitude having spent too long spreading myself too thinly professionally and knowing something had to change. 2014 has been that year, seeing a more balanced but more worthwhile focus, by concentrating on where my passion lies – Portraiture.


NPG x138151; David Warner by Rory LewisI was ecstatic when my Portrait of Actor David Warner was acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London. I built on this public recognition of my work by having a wide range of Celebrity Portrait Sessions throughout the year. Expansion was essential, no longer am I just to be found in the North West UK, but in both London and New York. Back in 2004, when I began my career in Fashion Photography, it was the way forward, the path to photography and career success. I enjoyed the recognition of publication, in magazines, newspapers and catalogues, often being called upon by various Fashion Labels to photography their collection. But with maturity and artistic credibility, I gradually fell out of love with the ‘easy’ road. It no longer sits easily on my personal character, and the discomfort grew as I was struggling to be myself in what I felt was an elitist superficial world of photography. I was failing to be true to myself, my personality, and importantly, my artistic style. Artistically I wanted my work to be a reflection of reality, a mirror of truth.


This led me to real people leading real lives and portraying them in a real way. I can become absorbed in the story of someone and relish the challenge of reflecting their emotions and character through Portraiture. So farewell Fashion Photographing, and welcome to Portraiture, of Generals, Actors, Artists, Sports Personalities, and Politicians.

Sir Ian McKellen & Sir Derek Jacobi Rory Lewis Photographer

Sir Ian McKellen & Sir Derek Jacobi Rory Lewis Photographer

I began to conceive the idea of my Northern Portrait Exhibition very early in the year and was thrilled with its ultimate success. Northerners started out as a small local project yet soon became a National Exhibition featuring actors, sports personalities, artists and politicians from the North. A blend of story, history and personality, drawn together by Northern Roots, now transcending the globe, offered an opportunity to travel to bring this unique collection together. Big names, big characters, big achievements such as Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, Craig Charles, Emma Rigby, General Sir Nicholas Houghton, and many other prominent figures.

Rory Lewis Photographer Photographing Sir Patrick Stewart London Portrait Photographer

Rory Lewis Photographer Photographing Sir Patrick Stewart London Portrait Photographer

Rory Lewis Metro Interview Photographer

Rory Lewis Metro Interview Photographer

This was a truly fascinating project. Sponsored by Calumet Photographic and held in aid of the worthwhile cause UNICEF, the exhibition moved from Liverpool in July, to Manchester in October, and finally to London in November. The project was not only a developmental and artistic learning curve for me, but led to me feeling more comfortable in my own Unique Style, and this is now reflected in my work. I was thrilled when the BBC, various other television companies and the National Press all featured the Project giving the project not just local, but national recognition.

Luis Suares for Pepsi London Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Luis Suares for Pepsi London Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

For clients such as Pepsi, I have enjoyed a wide range of Commercial Photography assignments, which have included Portraiture such as a commission to photograph successful and advertorial big-name footballer, Luis Suarez. Knowing that Rory Lewis images are being used in such high profile promotional campaigns, including posters as well as drinks bottles and cans, has been a fun and enjoyable part of my year. With the brief to create fierce portraits blended with Rock Star Style stills, I couldn’t wait to get started. It was an opportunity to direct and create a shoot in tune with my artistic desires

Travel has been an inevitable, but enjoyable, by-product of the shift in my photographic direction. My passport has been ranking up the miles with trips to Spain, Morocco, Italy, New York, Ireland and the USA. Good Old Blighty is home, but these trips have been enriching and given my work influence both cultural and socially. Take a quick peek at some of my travel snaps here.

New York Rory Lewis Portrait Photographer

On a personal level I haven’t just seen a seismic shift in the nature of my work and my creative style, but 2014 has been a year of highs as it was also the year I married my incredible wife, Alexandra, who has supported and nurtured my professional change. Still based in Liverpool despite spreading my wings, this year also brought the opportunity to extend my home-grown roots by opening my new Photographic Studio in the heart of Liverpool.


2014 saw a continuation of my desire to offer Photography Workshops. A key joy for any creative person is to share and nurture a passion in others. I am grateful to be able to do this, whilst partnered with Calumet Academy, as well as extending the locations of my Courses to additionally include not only Liverpool, but London, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast. Wherever you are in the UK, Rory Lewis Photography Courses can be there! I enjoy imparting what I have learned and discovered to others: from lighting techniques to directional skills, it really is a joy to work with aspiring photographers, and the feedback has been nice to hear too! It’s been good for my ego, knowing I can use my skill and self-development to help develop others. I’ll be forever grateful for reviews such as the following from Amateur Photographer Denis Dame who attended one of my Portraiture Workshops:


“Rory’s Portraiture Masterclass was a brilliant course”

“Rory is a fantastic and patient instructor and answered all our questions no matter how basic or advanced. I took nearly 400 images throughout the day and was mentally drained and excited because we covered so much. A fantastic value for the amount of hands-on course work and topics we covered. Rory was able to get us all taking great images.

Rory Lewis Photography Courses Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, LondonI have been an amateur photographer for years, but this was my first time using studio lighting for portraits with models. I had expected only one model, but Rory had hired three fantastic models. All had their own great characteristics, which allowed us to experiment with lighting to see the effects given different facial features. Rory demonstrated the use of several one and two light set-ups, and allowed us to take several images from each. Additionally, we used different back drops, and reflectors. We had hands-on opportunities to use a light meter and set up the studio lights to the proper power and distance. We learned about how to diffuse the lighting and control it with a honeycomb.

He also demonstrated how he captured many famous actors that are a part of his Northerners Portrait Project to support UNICEF. A noble effort. We were able to create similar images during the course.

We learned how to work with models and direct them to help create amazing images and moods. By the end of the course we all had gained confidence in working with good models.

I would highly recommend the course to people that have never worked with models, or studio lights. If you have worked with models and were not quite sure how to direct the scene, then this is also a great course.

Well done and I hope to take another class in the near future.”


So here’s to 2015 and my onwards and upwards! I am looking forward to extending my programme of courses to make them more extensive whilst focusing on my true love of Portraiture, from Beginners, to Intermediate, as well as a course in advanced Location Portraiture Lighting. You’ll still find me offering Art Nude Photography Courses, with a special Hasselblad Art Nude Session, allowing delegates to try out the superb Hasselblad H5D Camera System, an opportunity not to be missed.

London Liverpool Manchester Liverpool  Model Portfolios

Whilst also arranging photoshoots with models, dancers and actors throughout 2014, I’ve loved the new creative and practical expansion and vision of Rory Lewis Photography. From helping new models and actors find their first footings in their chosen fields.  I’m glad to still be the photographer of choice for many of the UK’s top agencies. I’ve come to learn that I can still be true to myself in all shoots by offering a comprehensive service based on high quality pictures achieved through my no-time-limit ethos. My clients are not rushed, nor do they receive a hard sell, just good honest portraiture at its best. From sessions with Game of Thrones actors, screen legends Julian Glover and Iain Glen, to the industry newbies, my heart now truly resides in Portraiture.

Julian-Glover-Iain-Glenn-Actor Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer Liverpool

See you in 2015, but before I go, take a sneak peek at my new Exhibition Expressive that will take place at the end of the year. Whether Stateside or on home turf, I look forward to seeing you there.


Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Model Portfolios, Professional Service

Model Portfolios Liverpool, Manchester, LeedsWhen looking for a Model Portfolio Photographer, don’t make the mistake of booking a makeover studio, or a photographer who has little experience or connections in the modelling industry. This will only cost you more in the long term. Approaching a Model Agency with substandard pictures won’t kick start your career it will only damage your chances of finding work. A Great model portfolio is your key to getting noticed in the highly competitive world of modelling. Your model portfolio is many times the first contact a potential client or agency has with you. This means that your portfolio images are extremely important to your modelling career. Start your career on the right foot. Rory Lewis Photographer has over a decade of experience working with model agencies throughout the UK & Europe. Rory has a proven track record and can produce photography that Model Agencies and Casting Directors are looking for.


Model Portfolios Liverpool, Manchester, LeedsDon’t worry if you are starting out for the first time; or a model looking for a portfolio update. Rory’s Model Portfolio Services are comprehensive. Rory is able to arrange sessions across the North West from Liverpool to Manchester & Leeds. From initial contact Rory will offer helpful advice on how to plan your portfolio photoshoot, what clothing to choose, and how to prepare yourself for your portfolio session. On the day of your shoot Rory will direct you, showing you how to pose and act on camera. Its a simple fact that being more relaxed and having fun during a model portfolio session will produce better images. Rory takes the time to see that you enjoy every minute of your photoshoot. After your photoshoot is completed Rory will help you to select the strongest images from your session and point you in the right direction on what steps to take, and how to go about finding work and the right Model Agency. Please take a look at my Model Portfolio Packages, and if Rory can be of any assistance please feel free to get in touch. Rory can shoot at Studio’s in Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds.


Recent Reviews (Source Review Centre)

“I went to Rory to start to put together a modelling portfolio. I’ve never done anything like it before and was really nervous, but Rory’s direction really helped build my confidence and help me improve my ‘look’.

The photos that Rory took have come out beautifully, and I’m now happy to start sending them off. I would definitely go back to him to update my portfolio, as well as for any other photograph’s that might need taking.”

Jessica Ball Model


This was my first photo shoot and I had found myself to be nervous. Rory had made me feel comfortable and relaxed within a short space of time – as he guided me through the process and was always helpful.

He wasn’t hesitant to answer any of my questions throughout the time I was there and explained everything carefully and with great detail. I found myself learning a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.

Glen Bowers

2012 Year in Review

Thank you to all of my family, friends, clients for making 2012 such an amazing time. It has been a great year and I am excited to update everyone on the happenings of the year.


I began the year on assignment in Barcelona with Episode Fashion Management, shooting a campaign for CEO Charles McDonald. It was a wonderful opportunity to explore the sites and make new friends in the cities creative circle.  I was also lucky to bring in the New Year in Barcelona celebrating in the famous Las Ramblas. I will be  returning to Spain at the end of January this coming year and look forward to the photoshoots and site seeing I have planned.

 (Rory Lewis)

Upon my return from Spain I embarked on one of the most challenging assignments of my photographic career, being commissioned by Princes Foods to shoot over 4000 items of Product Photography. It sounds simple, but the assignment required all the products to be shoot in unique compositions. The task took over a month to collate and complete, but the results looked stunning, and since the assignment I have gained a great deal of product photography clients. Now being able to offer a 24 hour turnaround in most cases.



With the completion of my Princes assignments I was able to dedicate some time to other projects being commissioned to shoot singer Nikki Belle; And with the help of Stylist Rikki Finlay and Makeup Artist Nita Malata. I planned several fashion and beauty tests in the spring to update my portfolio. Working particularly with Oxygen Models in London and shooting mainly male models as my book was lacking in this area.


Testing is a very costly business but it is essential for professional photographers to test, so new ideas and ways of working can be explored. This in turn can improve your portfolio and show to your clients your skills and talent.


2012 has been the 10th year of my professional photography career and I have enjoyed being commissioned to shoot a wide variety of projects. I continue to offer Model Portfolio & Actors Headshot Services and throughout the year, have worked with dozens of new and established actors and models to start or update their head shots & portfolios.


It has been very rewarding to help new models and actors to find their way into the industry through my photography and many have gone on to gain work through some of the UK’s top Agencies. One of the highlights of 2012 has been a shoot with Coronation Street actress Holly Quin Ankrah.


2012 was the year I  decided to hold my first exhibition (Keeping Abreast) hosted by the Bluecoat Gallery in Liverpool. I invited my friends, family and clients to view my work, and opened the exhibition to the public. I really enjoyed speaking with clients and members of the public about my photography, gaining new opinions and feedback.

Rory Lewis 2012 Exhibition

If you missed the exhibition you can view the highlights in the video below. The event raised £400 for Macmillan Cancer Support and I thank everyone who donated. I will be holding another exhibition in 2013 so pleased keep subscribe to my feed for more news on the event.


One of the areas I specialise in as a photographer is Hair & Beauty Photography and every year I gain a great deal of Hair Salon Commissions from Salon’s looking to update their marketing material and styling books and enter the Wella and L’Oreal competitions. This year I was delighted to work work with, Vidal Sassoon, Pierre Alexandre, Beauty Works, Love the Salon and L’Oreal to name a few. Creating some wonderful photography and Marketing Material.  


When a photographer and model are on the same wavelength great things happen. This has occurs often in my hair  & beauty portraiture photography. The capturing of a perfect portrait moment a split second when the model and photographer connect is a rewarding experience.


Paris Rory Lewis Photographer2012 is also the year I turned 30, and to mark the event, I decided to treat myself, starting with a dual city break in London and Paris. It was in Paris I proposed to my now fiancé Alexandra. We had a wonderful time in both London & Paris exploring the cities sites and taking in the Parisian Culture. You can check out my city break snaps on My Blog.


Returning from Paris,  I arranged another birthday treat purchasing tickets to Star Trek London. Being a Closet Trekkie, I took the opportunity to see all the Five Captains on stage and meet actors William Shatner, David Warner, Michael Dorn, Andrew Robinson and Avery Brooks having my photos taken with several of the actors.

Rory Lewis Celebrity Photographer William Shatner

After pretty much a four week birthday celebration of trips and indulgence I returned to work, receiving several assignments, from photographing Pasta to Electronic Cigarettes . I was also commissioned by sports online retailer Kit Bag  to shoot footballer Robbie Savage for a Festive Christmas Marketing Campaign.

Throughout 2012 I expanded my Photography School holding one day and weekend courses in areas from Portraiture to Fashion photography, and it has been wonderful to pass on skills and knowledge to both professional and amateur photographers. In 2013, I will be continuing to offer Photography Courses and One on One Tuition sessions throughout the year so please check out 2013 Timetable.


2012 has been a very exciting year, and I look forward to seeing what 2013 has in store, I have taken a little break over the festive period to relax my creative juices and look forward to returning to work in January with many new projects on the horizon.

Nikki Belle

My client, the beautiful and talented singer Nikki Belle commissioned me to shoot her latest Promotional Photography at the Liverpool studio this week.


I’ve been working with Nikki for several years now and the photos just keep getting better and better. Nikki’s sister also a professional model posed in a few of the sets and the images really stand out! I’m looking forward to working with her again in the near future.


If you are an artist or Musician looking for Photography for your promotion, an editorial or even an album cover I have a number of options, so please keep me in mind.

Joe Power

This week I was commissioned to photograph Psychic Joe Power, who needed new material for his promotion and website. Joe was great to work with and had some amazing tales about his work.

 (Rory Lewis)

If you are in need of showbiz photography or actor’s headshots, or model portfolios then please get in touch. I have a number of packages to suit all needs and can tailor make packages if you don’t see what you are looking for.

 (Rory Lewis)

 (Rory Lewis)

 (Rory Lewis)

Stuart Reardon in Today’s Liverpool Echo

This week the Liverpool Echo interviewed me about my recent model portfolio shoot with Stuart Reardon, Rugby Player for the Warrington Wolves. The interview was published today in the newspaper. Check out the article below and Click Here to view the full Photoshoot.

Model Portfolio Liverpool

Dawn Collinson talks to the rugby hunk who is giving modelling a try


RUGBY players are no strangers to looking good in front of the camera. Just ask Charlotte Church. But if Welshman Gavin Henson is more the perma-tanned pretty boy, England and GB winger Stuart Reardon is clearly at the manlier end of the modelling market.


Although, he jokes, there was a little less-than-macho behaviour required for his first professional photoshoot.


“I had to wear make-up for the first time, which was a bit of a culture shock,” he laughs. “Although I had to admit it did look better. Nobody’s perfect are they? But it was only a bit of foundation to even out my skin and make it look a bit browner – there was definitely no mascara!”

The 29-year-old, whose sporting CV includes stints at Warrington, Bradford and Salford, is now playing in Wrexham for Crusaders, although he lives in Warrington.


But with the prospect of retirement not a million miles away, and with casual offers to model coming his way, he’s decided to try his hand at a second career.


“There aren’t many rugby players who play until they’re 35 or 36, so once you’re knocking 30 you have to start looking around,” he explains. “I think when I stop playing I’ll probably become a personal trainer, but people asked me to do some modelling so I thought I’d give it a try.


“I’m pretty open-minded and I’ll try things and hope for the best, so I thought I might as well see how far modelling could take me.”


Stuart’s first task was to get a portfolio of photos to present to agencies.


For that he turned to Liverpool-based photographer Rory Lewis, who specialises in fashion and beauty work.


Rory was immediately impressed with Stuart’s look and his ease in front of the camera.


“I get a lot of people who come and say to me ‘I want to be a model, do you think I can make it?’ Nine times out of 10 the answer is no and you have to tell them straight.


“But with Stuart, as soon as I saw him I thought he could definitely make it. He’s a really good looking guy and he has the basic criteria – the bone structure and height – that you look for.”


When Stuart walked in to Rory’s Renshaw Street studio, he was a little nervous at first, says the photographer.


“But he got on with it and he did a very good job,” he adds. “I gave him some direction, too, which helps to get a reaction and break the ice.”


Stuart agrees that his first session went smoothly, with Rory’s guidance.


“I felt fine in front of the camera and Rory made me feel really comfortable,” says Stuart. “I didn’t really know how to do a model pose, so he obviously had to give me a few directions about that, but I’m just starting out. I’m happy to be shown.”


Now signed to Impact agency in Liverpool, both photographer and model agree that commercial work is the most likely route for Stuart to take.


“I’ve got an athletic body because of what I do so I’m not embarrassed about taking my top off and showing it,” he smiles. “Obviously I’m training and playing, but you have to be really fit to play rugby so working out with weights and eating healthily becomes a part of your daily routine.


“I’m not so big that I couldn’t model clothes, though. I’m an outside back so I look athletic but I’m only 14 stone and a 42inch chest so I can wear off-the-peg, whereas some of the lads who play with me are 18 stone at least.”


Rory believes Stuart has quite a versatile look which would work well in several markets.


“He’s not really catwalk, but I think he’s the sort of person you’d see in an ad campaign for sportswear or outdoor clothes,” he says. “He could work for cosmetic brands, too, because a lot of those companies use built men to advertise their products. They like the whole concept of tough guys using beauty products.”


Stuart’s girlfriend Emma is a former model so, he says, she’s been supporting his ambition. But what about his teammates?


“Because I haven’t really done any professional jobs yet, not all of them know, but I don’t think they’ll be that bothered,” he smiles. “A couple of them know, but they’ve not given me a hard time … not yet, anyway.”


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