Adam Kaufman Singer Photoshoot

Reading the newspaper today I was quit disturbed to find Canon Nikon and Olympus are facing stiff competition from Sony who are producing professional SLR cameras without Mirror lenses.


Sony has designed a translucent replacement, ideal for super fast focusing and using instead fully digitized displays. What this means in layman’s terms is that traditional optical viewfinders will be taken away, and a computer inside your camera will now tell you what your image looks like before you take it. Removing more of the creative process away from the photographer. The photographer won’t be able to look through the lens with their naked eye using his or her own intuition and creative skill.


I believe that advances of this kind aren’t advances at all, it takes away the creativity and removing mirror lenses is a big blow.


In terms of my work I seem to be going backwards, although a photographer who utilises digital SLR cameras. I am using more and more film on personal projects, and will shortly be introducing packages were clients can request film shoots rather than digital….. Ok Rant over.


Last week I completed a shoot for Adam Kaufman singer, who performs a great deal of swing and Rat Pack music. Inspired by shots of Frank Sinatra from the 50’s and 60’s. I wanted Adam to look effortlessly cool in his images; Frank Sinatra seemed to pull off this look in a great deal of his shots and I think we achieved this in Adam’s photos. I didn’t want to use any airbrushing in the shots; all that has been done is a simple B&W conversion.

Black & White Portfolio

Black & White photography really gives your images the edge and a classical feel. I decided in this post to showcase some of my best B&W Photographs.


Over the past two weeks I have been busy shooting with B&W film with my OM1, and I’m waiting for the roles to come back from the lab. I’m looking forward to posting the images and will pop them up on my blog in a few days.


In the meantime if you would like to see more of my Black & White Photography please take a look at my Portfolio Pages.