Keith Webster Corporate Headshots London

London Corporate Headshots, Keith Webster Lawyer, Photographer Rory Lewis

Delighted to work with Barrister Keith Webster who booked his Corporate Headshots photoshoot at the London Studio. Keith Knowing that first impressions will always be important arranged a session to capture multiple business portraits. Which is very important especially now many of our initial interactions are online.

London Corporate Headshots, Keith Webster Lawyer, Photographer Rory Lewis

A professional business photograph is an opportunity to portray a brand image to potential customers, who aren’t just researching ‘what’ you do. They are just as interested in ‘who’ you are. If you would like to booking a Corporate Headshots session, please check out my packages.



Beau Dermott Portrait Sitting

Britain’s Got Talent Star Beau Dermott is poised for West End Superstardom. The young singer  who already in talks about making her London stage debut has been showered with praise by some of the biggest names in musical theatre.


I received a call from Beau’s parents this week who arranged a portrait sitting for Beau’s first headshots at the Liverpool Studio. The photoshoot was The Star’s first professional sitting.


Beau is no stranger to being in front of the camera, no doubt from her amazing stage performances on Britains’ got talent. Breezing through the headshot session I was able to direct Beau with ease to capture a series of wonderful frames.

 (Rory Lewis) (Rory Lewis) (Rory Lewis)

Amy Jackson For Hooka Hair Salon

This week I was commissioned to shoot Hooka’s entries in the Hair Dressers Journal Young Hair Dresser of the year competition. I spotted Amy on a few recent campaign shoots with various photographers and arranged for her to model.


In these poses Amy Jackson has a promising look and strong facial expressions, I am sure she will go far. Styling was by Emma O’neil and makeup Michelle Proctor, hair styled by Jon Wraight. The images really look the part and I hope Hooka makes it through to the finals.