Easter Weekend London Portrait Masterclass

Have you decided what you want to do this coming Easter Weekend; Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th April 2017? Look no further as Rory Lewis Photographer will be holding a special Two Day Weekend Masterclasses in Portraiture. Taking place at Calumet Photographic’s flagship store in Camden, Central London. Working with professional agency models, internationally published and boasting amazing bone structure. This course is a MUST for aspiring beginner and intermediate portrait photographer. Who want to learn and develop their studio & location Photography, build their portfolios, under the guidance of a seasoned pro. Particularly those photographers interested in creating Model, Wedding, Beauty, Actors, Talent & Corporate Portraiture should look at attending this workshop.

Work with Professional Models Test using State of the Art Equipment

About Tutor


Rory Lewis is a British professional portrait photographer from Liverpool UK, his body of work includes countless celebrity sittings with Actors such as Sir Patrick Stewart, William ShatnerSir Ian McKellen, Sir Derek Jacobi, Natalie Dormer, Ian McShane, Iain Glen and many other Portraits of Musicians and men and women of accomplishment. Rory’s work has been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London & Lectures at the National Portrait Gallery & Victoria & Albert Museum , and his recent Photography Exhibitions Northerners Photography & Expressive have received Nationwide Recognition being featured by the BBC and National Press & Television. Rory’s client list includes Pepsi, Cancer Research UK, The Times. Rory’s inspirations include Renaissance Portraiture and German Expressionist Cinema.

London Easter Weekend Portrait Photography Masterclass Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th April 2017 With Celebrity Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis


Calumet Photographic Ltd, 99-103 Drummond St, Kings Cross, London NW1 2HJ

“Both Days are practical tuition sessions – learning hands-on-skills and enabling you to work with professional models  to capture amazing photographs for your portfolio. You will walk away from this course with the skills to develop and improve your photography techniques, learn studio flash lighting, develop your understanding of studio & location technique.”

London Portrait Masterclass Rory Lewis Photography School Tuition

Places are Limited to 15 Photographers

Day One 

10:00am Rory Lewis Talk on the Medium of Portraiture

10.45am Coffee & Refreshments (Provided)

11.00 am Power & Portraiture, Rory will teach beginners low key lighting, posing and direction to create an epic portrait.

12:30pm Lunch

13:15pm Beauty Portraiture,Rory will teach high key lighting & beauty portraiture.

14.30pm The Culture Portrait, Rory will teach you how to light low key portraits with Gels & Kickers.

16:00pm  Rory Lewis Will Sum up the Day & Prepare you for Day Two

17:00pm Close

Day Two

10:00am Rory Lewis Talk on Location Portraiture

10:45 Coffee & Refreshments (Provided)

11:00am Location Portraiture Lighting

13:00pm Lunch

13.45pm Low Key Portrait Lighting Mastered

15:45pm Rory Lewis will Sum up the Two Day Workshop

16:00pm Close


“In one word “Inspiring” “Rory was open to and encouraged all questions, which were answered in detail. Rory shared his extensive lighting knowledge in addition to how to bring out the character in a portrait subject in a fun. informal, enjoyable manner. Would recommend this course to any portrait photographer wanting to improve their craft.”
Dorothy Via ReviewCentre.com

“Excellent photography workshop. We went through 8 different light set ups starting with a single light source and ending up with two light sources with the tightest control of the light. There was a lot to take in and was very happy with the photos I took. The breadth of the material covered was excellent. Very pleased to have attended. Thanks Rory!”
Adrian Via ReviewCentre.com

Northerners Exhibition London Open Evening 28/11/14

Portrait Photography Workshops/Courses Rory Lewis PhotographerRory Lewis Northerners Portrait Photography Exhibition Opened in London at Calumet Photographic Drummond Street Today. Starting at 10am with a Portrait Masterclass teaching Delegates the Lighting and Direction Techniques, used to Capture Rory’s Thought Provoking Celebrity Portraiture. Jordan Ebbitt Modelled for the Session. The Delegates worked through a full programme of lighting setups, from the fundamental Broad, Split, Short and Rembrandt lighting to Directional Techniques and the Psychology of Portrait Photography. Rory will be holding a full programme of Portraiture Workshops Throughout 2015.


Rory’s Exhibition then Opened at 6pm, with a Reception and Talk about the Project, featuring Portraits of Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, David Warner and many other Stars of Stage and Screen. “It was wonderful to meet members of the public, gage-ing their opinions and Feedback of the Project” Northerners is now Open to the Public at Calumet Photographic Drummond Street London (please check store for gallery opening times) until 2nd January 2015. The Exhibition is Held in Aid of UNICEF.

David Warner, Northerners Photography Exhibition Celebrity Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

David Warner, Northerners Photography Exhibition Celebrity Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis


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