Lt General Sir James Everard Portrait Sitting

Lt General Everard Military Portrait Photographer Rory LewisLt General Sir James Everard Commander Army Land Forces, graciously accepted my offer of a portrait sitting at Army Head Quarters in Andover. The portrait to be featured in my upcoming ‘Portraitist Exhibition‘. Everard is one of the UK’s most experienced military commanders. A veteran of many campaigns, seeing action in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq & Afghanistan.


My aim was to portray ‘leadership’ the essence of authority. Directing General Everard to assume responsible yet solemn expressions. When working with Military Figures, one must interpret sitters seriously. I believe the painter Holbein’s style and his portrayal of timeless authority easily sits alongside the modern portrait – I aim to imbue my viewers with the same thought provocation that he succeeded in creating.

Lt General Sir James Everard Military Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

Lt General Sir James Everard Military Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis

London Portrait Photographer Rory Lewis Educated at Uppingham School,[1] James Everard was commissioned into the 17th/21st Lancers in June 1983.[2] In 1995, as Chief of Staff, 4th Armoured Brigade, he was deployed to the United Nations Protection Force HQ, Sector South-West, and subsequently as part of the leading UK element of the NATO Implementation Force (IFOR) in Bosnia.[1] Then in 1999 he became Military Assistant to the Commander of the Kosovo Force (KFOR).[1] He became Commanding Officer of the Queen's Royal Lancers in September 2000 and deployed as part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus.[1] In December 2005 he became Commander of 20th Armoured Brigade[3] in which capacity he was deployed to Basra in Iraq and built himself a reputation targeting corruption.[3] The brigade left Basra in November 2006[4] and relocated to Paderborn in Germany.[5] He was appointed Director Commitments at Land Command in 2007,[6] General Officer Commanding 3rd (UK) Division in 2009[7] and Assistant Chief of the General Staff in April 2011.[8] He went on to be Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Military Strategy and Operations) in March 2013[9] and became Commander Land Forces in September 2014.[10] A strong advocate of diversity, Everard has served as Patron of the Army LGBT Forum since 2010.[11] Everard was awarded a Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in November 1996,[12] appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in April 2000,[13] upgraded to a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in June 2005[14] and awarded a second Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in July 2007 for his work commanding 20th Armoured Brigade during Operation Telic 8 in Iraq.[15] (Rory Lewis)

Mae Martin Promo Shoot

Mae Martin Comedian Rory Lewis Celebrity PhotographerMae Martin began writing and performing comedy at tender age of 13. In the 11 years since then she has cemented her place in the Canadian comedy scene, appearing on television and radio across the country. She has been nominated for two Canadian Comedy Awards, and was the youngest ever nominee for the prestigious Tim Sims Encouragement Fund Award. Her television credits include MuchMusic’s Video On Trial, Global Television’s “Global Comedians” (alongside Maria Bamford, Jon Dore, Dave Foley, James Smith and Matt Kirshen) and The Comedy Network’s “Cream of Comedy. Mae has been based in the UK since late 2010 and has performed at comedy clubs across the country plus gigs in Germany. She took a very successful debut show to Edinburgh in 2011 and returns each year with Mae Day’. Mae hosts her own night at the famous Candy Bar in Soho. I met Mae through her agency who contacted me to arrange a photoshoot. Mae needed a set of updated images for her Edinburgh Fringe Festival Promotional Material.

Mae Martin Comedian Rory Lewis Celebrity Photographer

Mae Martin Comedian Rory Lewis Celebrity Photographer



Why are Actors Headshots Preferred in Black & White?

For over 80 years the Black & White Headshot has been the Professional Actors Calling Card. I have always wanted to ask why Black and White has been so coveted as apposed to brighter colour photographs.


It’s worth noting that Spotlight does still print its directories in Black & White.”


Don’t get me wrong Black and White images carry subtle tones, but actors and performers seem to be living in a nostalgic world. From my research in writing this article the main reason Actors chose Black and White images over colour was price. Aspiring and even established actors have to count the cost of their headshot.

Brian Cox & Sir Derek Jacobi

Colour Film in the mid 20th century was expensive to process, which meant for decades aspiring actors would choose Black and White. Over several decades Black and White became the standard for actors. In the modern world of castings Black White Images sometimes look dated, times are changing and I believe actors should choose to present their images in colour.


Colour images stand out from Black and White images and in the highly competitive world of Acting I would recommend Actors think about how they want to present themselves.  Its worth considering amongst a pile of Black & White images a colour image really stands out.

Actors Headshots Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds

Colour film has been widely available for over sixty years, and over the past two decades the medium of digital photography has made the process of producing colour images less expensive.


“Be daring, be different, be impractical; be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary. ” Cecil Beaton

“In 2013 Spotlight members uploaded 94,176 new portfolio images”

Actors Headshots Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds

 Actors Headshots Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds

Colour is now becoming industry the standard; and in all of My Packages I present your final images in Both Colour and Black & White. So you can have the best of both worlds and at no extra cost giving you the edge when it comes to casting!


If you are interested in booking an Actors Headshot Session please Get in Touch. Sessions are available throughout the UK in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, and London.

‘Northerners’ Exhibition Liverpool Echo

Thank you to the Liverpool Echo Newspaper for publishing an amazing ‘Northerners Exhibition‘ Preview today.


Everything is now in full swing, I have completed Exhibition Portrait Photoshoots this Month with Karl Pilkington and Pete Price, and organised Sessions with Sir Ian McKellen, General Sir Nicholas Houghton and many other prominent Northerners.


You can now follow the Exhibition on Facebook and tickets are Now Onsale for Liverpool Exhibition Open Evening.

Liverpool Echo February 16th 2014