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Thank you to everyone who attended Low Key Portrait Photography Workshop at Calumet Photographic in London. It was wonderful to teach Chiaroscuro lighting, a term that is more commonly applied to Renaissance and Baroque paintings. The style was used to introduce a sense of realism into portraits, by using the contrasts between light and dark tones to create a sense of depth. More recently, it is a technique that has found its way into the world of portrait photography. Working with a professional model, the delegates where able to master lighting techniques and learn direction. One of the delegates was very kind to leave me a review below.


Reviews & Feedback

Lee Parsons VIA Reviewcentre.com

“I attended Rory’s Low Key Portraits course in London and was very impressed with the day. I’m delighted with the knowledge and skills I came away with.

To start the day, Rory gave a brief historical introduction to artists’ painting styles, how they translated to photography, and what we had to do to get great portraits.

Our model arrived, and the rest of the day consisted of setting up many different lighting styles using a variety of modifiers, reflectors and backgrounds. We were shown how to meter the lights and direct the shoot.

In the last part of the day, we found some portraits online and tried to recreate the lighting setup.

The portraits I came away with were easily the best studio shots I’ve ever taken, and I’ll definitely be using these techniques for my portraits from now on.

Rory was interesting, knowledgeable and friendly – and we were lucky to have a model who was relaxed and helpful as well as looking fantastic in our photos.”