Neil Barristers Headshots

Liverpool Corporate Headshots Photographer Rory LewisBarrister Neil booked a Corporate Headshot Photoshoot at the Liverpool Studio to Update his Profile Images. Every professional needs a good headshot, if you are a Barrister or Solicitor please take a look at the comprehensive service I can offer. Portraiture is my speciality, having over 10 years experience; you will find my friendly and professional approach helps put even the most photo-phobic at ease. I’ll provide you with a good selection of shots, generally showing a range of different expressions to help you fine-tune the corporate image you wish to put across. Click Here to View my LATEST CLIENTS & PORTFOLIO.

Liverpool Corporate Headshots Photographer Rory Lewis


Liverpool Legal

Over the past year I have gained some very interesting assignments. Commercial Photography is a big part of my job and can be very lucrative. Many photographers wish to be high flying fashion photographers and I too share there dreams. However, commercial assignments do pay the bills and can be very challenging to shoot.


Today I was commissioned to photograph the Barristers at Atlantic Chambers in Liverpool for their new brochure and website. It was great meeting some of the cities finest legal minds. After Katie our makeup artist applied a little makeup they where all ready to pose and the shots look great.