Vidal Sassoon a Legend of Hair Dressing


It was just a few days ago that I learned Vidal Sassoon had passed away on the 9th May at his home in LA at the age of 84. From an early age I have always been aware of Sassoon’s work as my mother visited a Sassoon Salon once a month for her geometrically perfect hair cut.

  (Rory Lewis)

Sassoon was a legend of hair dressing and his ability to bring geometry to the technique of hair cutting and styling will live on. This man liberated women from hair curlers and sticky hair lacquer.

  (Rory Lewis)

“I’ve had so many star-quality clients, but when a working girl comes in and she’s saved five shillings to have a great haircut once a month, I treat her like a princess.” Vidal Sassoon


I have worked with Sassoon Stylists for many years and know without a shadow of a doubt his legacy will live on. In tribute to Sassoon see below some of the work I have completed with Sassoon Styling Team’s over the years.