The Curse of Vogue

Everytime I walk into WH Smith or Magma my wallet takes a pounding. I ruffle through all the latest fashion magazines, Vogue, Pop, Dazed and confused and quite recently Noise magazine. Nine times out of Ten I end up purchasing them.


My shelves are filled and my wallet is empty, it is the curse of Vogue. Noise magazine on the other hand featured some amazing beauty photography this month and the images inspired me to shoot a test.

 (Rory Lewis)

Working with a model agencies new faces is exciting, you never know if your going to work with the next Agyness Deyn. I arranged to shoot Kristie one of Boss Models newest additions and called upon Debbie Lezemore an extremely talented makeup artist to put her skills to work. Kristie even though one of Boss’s new faces was very natural in front of the camera.


Sifting through the results I picked out this image and had it retouched. Already the shot has received some excellent feedback from the agency and has made a wonderful addition to my book. Considering the pounding my wallet has taken I am banning myself from WH Smiths for the next month!



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